Travel: Ultimate Destinations for Foodies


The 7.122 million people around the globe eat at home most of the time. Foodies, on the other hand, journey to every nook and cranny in the world in their quest to enjoy connoisseur’s delights. Did any bells ring? Can you connect to this more than anything else? Do you eat not just to live but to experiment, experience and enjoy? Here is a compiled list f places YOU MUST NOT miss for calming your salivating souls.

All Roads lead to Rome

This was true millenniums ago and still so for foodies.  If proof is needed, it is all there in the book “Eat,Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Wherever you are in Rome, you can find a fine eatery at a stone’s throw. You want a top-draw place? The place is full of them. Trattorias are family-run places where the food is beyond comparison but the prices are very agreeable.

New York, New York

The Big Apple is a microcosm of world population. You will find every ethnic group living here. It naturally follows that every kind of food is available in New York’s restaurants.  The Caucasian, Latino-Greco foods, Far-eastern delicacies, Indian subcontinent’s hot items and Mexican… You name it, you can have it.


Thailand is a destination that has pleasure written right across the country. Gourmands can look forward to imbibing the culinary excellence of Bangkok restaurants. You will never regret visiting the country or its fine eating places.

Is Paris Cooking?

Paris simply does not have a match when you think of food and its glory. It is not for nothing that the French cuisine has a pride place in the world of culinary experiences. Paris is the embodiment of the haute cuisine. The variety of chocolates and candies you can find are mind-boggling in their wholesomeness.


It is amazing how Chinese food has come to dominate the world food scene but its richer cousin is not in as popular. Japanese food you get in Tokyo is a fine example of the exotic menu that will make the mouth water. The traditional as well as modern Japanese food is so good that you would want to pay large sums for the recipes. Wasabi is surely something that most people know; it is easily one of the tastiest on God’s earth.

Hong Kong, Food Counts


Perhaps no language other than Cantonese has the standard greeting,” Have you eaten Yet?”  like you greet with “Good Morning”!   That should indicate the seriousness with which Hong Kong looks at food. Crowded as it is, Hong Kong satisfies the hunger of people in a variety of cafes and restaurants; from roadside to 7 star places.  Floating population from around the world can always hope to get the food of their choice: Indian, Chinese, European, Mexican and Japanese or even Icelandic!

Southern Comfort

South America is not all revolution, drug mafia and clear and present danger. The food you can lay your hands on in Lima is heavenly. A mixture of the Indian tribe’ staples and the Spanish varieties have become an accepted food that has no equals. Some of the ingredients used are unique to the area. Seafood is prepared with the same unique taste.

New Orleans

If New Orleans means jazz to you, you are on the right track.  But the city also can proudly declare of its one-of-a-kind food.  Cajun and Creole are two of the most famous local items that you will not mind having as appetizer, main course and dessert all rolled into one.

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