Travel: Top 5 Dream Islands

Wanderlust-ing too much these days? Islands calling you with all their might through those pinterest and lonely planet feeds? Here is a list of top 5 islands you’d kill for traveling to and experiencing their magic. Read on to schedule your next trip; and the one after that and more!


Isla Mujeres

Just off Yucatan Peninsula is this island steeped in Mayan tradition. This is where Goddess Ixchel took sanctuary. The scorching Sun relaxes during winter when tourist season starts. Whale sharks habitually gather here in groups of large numbers; a tourist episode not to be missed. 5 mile long, the transportation consists only of golf carts! You get tequila in 150 varieties; evening with this liquor and fresh seafood will hold you in thrall. The every so scenic beauty with the love stricken air, you are bound to fall in love with just about everything coming your way!

Koh Samui

Bangkok, Thailand to Koh Samui, the island takes about an hour. The sand in the beach would make you take a double take: is it so golden and very close to the real stuff. The seashore is lined with fishing communities and coconut trees. If you want to move around, bikes are available everywhere. You can still feel residual aspect of 60s hippies here. Eat sea-food in style with dancing girls entertaining you. There is this youth in the air that motivates you to jive and grove with all the fun around you. Its not just a mush island; it has food and sea sports to keep you up and running!



The busy Miami gives way to idle and serene Exuma, Bahamas at a distance of 250 miles. Clapboard cottages in eye catching colors of blue, pink or yellow are strewn around the island. True to Bahamas’ reputation, rum flows here but so does Kalik beer. A plate of conch will go well with the spirits.  Fishing and exploring secluded coves are activities you can engage yourself in for days on end.


Croatia’s uncertain political climate cannot take away the utility of Hvar Island as a vacation destination or, if a suggestion can be offered, even as a place to move to. The cool stone houses despite the warm air outside and the vineyards will make you feel the peace. Prices of most things are within affordable level.

Vanua Levu

The romance of South Sea Islands can be felt in its full glory in this Fijian island. Diving is an activity that is enthusiastically engaged in by visitors. The cascading waterfalls are a treat to eyes and ears.  Surfing is inevitable here even if you have never done it before; it is so contagious! The solitude that you can easily get yourself into will make you feel one with God.

With all these descriptives of the most desired islands, it is no rocket science to understand the level of escalation we’ve done to your ever adventurous dreams already. So why wait until next vacay? Pack your bags and head over to one of these places already!

Author: Adam Prattler is a design consultant and blogs for His interests in exploring new methods of data visualization using infographics and motion graphics is his strength in marketing his design centric products and services.


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