Travel: 7 Top Countries to Live In

It’s a known fact that no two countries are identical. While one is renowned for its people and culture, another is notorious for its breathtaking views and thrill-seeking adventures. To some, it’s the famous cuisine that draws you to a place, while others it’s simply chasing the unique elements a country has to offer that can’t be found anywhere else.

Whether you want to live in the happiest country or the richest, the most culturally diverse or the most peaceful, every place is distinct in their own individual way. A few however, have emerged to be a little better than rest – we look at some amazing-to-live in spots that will help make your relocating decision an easier (and super exciting one!)

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1. Switzerland

A place where you can indulge in chocolate and cheese all day long, Switzerland is known for its quality of life, safety and health. Also at number four on the ecstaticist, it’s regarded as an ideal country for wealth, education and employment but most still believe the reason why they are drawn there is for its tranquil, reliable and high-tech community.

Whilst the languages spoken are diverse, it’s highly recommended you know a little German, French or Italian to get by. For those green-minded, Switzerland is the place to be as one of the major recyclers of the world.

Must do: Explore the famous Swiss Alps, snowboard in the mountains and buy a new watch.

2. Australia

Whilst you won’t have kangaroos hopping around your backyard, Australia is famous for its uncountable numbers of nature’s gifts and home to the most interesting animals and wildlife.

Australia has long been known as one of the friendliest places to live in and has become significantly safer with a fairly recent economic boom. It holds a strong sense of community and diversity, making it a very easy to live in place. For a forward perspective, Australia is considered a country for the future as it’s one the places known to still possess huge natural resources.

Must do: Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, relax on some of the world’s best beaches, explore Rottnest Island with the Quokkas and pat a koala.


3. Norway

Known world-wide for its cultural and religious tolerance, Norway is among the most stunning countries to live in lined with painted fishing villages and fjords. Although it’s small (5.019 million) it’s a country loaded with flavour, from fancy waffles to fresh seafood and topped off with stop-in-your-track views of landscapes and sceneries.

Norway is one of the safest and wealthiest countries across the globe and the perfect spot to live in for the coffee lover or fisherman.  For those that love festivals and cruises, some parts of the country get 24 hours of sunlight in summer so there are more hours in the day to enjoy the vibe.

Must do: Ski through the famous mountains, meet some wintertime beasts including Rudolph the Reindeer, take up fishing and watch the midnight sunset (whilst eating waffles).

4. Denmark

Regarded as the happiest country in the world, Denmark offers a social support that tips the scale with a vibrant and well-connected community.  Like Norway, it’s a small country but its food, culture and people are regarded as some of the best in the world.

Education is free, and they have a fantastic universal healthcare system. Because Danes are said to be the happiest people on earth, they have a higher life expectancy rate and are worldwide known for their generosity, with Denmark donating freely to nations in need.

Must do: Indulge in Danish pastries, visit Legoland and learn some Viking history.

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5. Canada

Canadians are proud citizens of a country renowned for its near-perfect heath care system, community network and environment, but what really sets them apart is the safety. With some of the lowest crime rates in the world, Canada wins many categories such as the safest place to live and best place to work.

There is a strong correlation between Canada’s reputation and its intent to visit, with its tourism industry generating more than $81 billion. No wonder Canadian’s view themselves as some of the luckiest people.

Must do: Visit the breathtaking mountain ranges, watch a game of live hockey, smother your morning pancakes with their famous maple syrup, take a trip to Niagara Falls and visit the largest shopping mall in North America – Edmonton Mall, completed with an indoor rollercoaster and wave pool, just in case shopping gets too much.

6. New Zealand

Considered to be a ‘paradise on earth’, New Zealand is lined with lush green hills, glaziers and stunning mountains. A country that strives to protect a person’s human rights, New Zealanders enjoy a healthy work-life balance with a perfect blend of local tribal culture and the European influence of its neighbours.

New Zealand is the land of natural beauty with dense forests and unique wildlife. It’s considered a family friendly place where people are warmly welcomed and feel a strong sense of security, making it a popular place to live in for many.

Must do: Step inside a scene from Lord of the Rings and visit Hobbit Town, embrace thrill-seeking adventures and skydive in Queenstown, try a traditional Hangi and snorkel the blue waters to find some fresh seafood.

7. Netherlands  

The country with two capitals, a compulsory education and health insurance, and easily identified by its beautiful canals, fields of tulips and towering windmills. Amsterdam is the most attractive place to live in the Netherlands, culturally rich with everything you need easily within reach.

For those that want to own a car, it’s not the ideal place to live in as the parking situation and amount of traffic is a small nightmare. The fantastic (and cheap) public transport network makes up for it though, or you can join the rest of the locals and buy a bike.

The people in Netherlands are super friendly, and just by train you can visit the whole country to take in the stunning views. You won’t need to have the Dutch language down pact when you arrive as they do speak English, but as with any country attempting the language is always a positive.

Must do: Enjoy a boat ride down the canals, immerse yourself in the colourful history and culture, eat cheese until your hearts contempt and post a pair of klompens to your family back home (wooden shoes).

Author: This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Cedar Woods, creating award winning residential communities with land for sale in Perth.




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