Travel: Beauties of the Arabian City- Dubai

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Dubai, initially known for its oil, is a contemporary city now known quite well for its beautiful structures, splendid luxurious hotels, fun activities, and never-ending entertainment.

Dubai has become a significant business hub since a business area was designed around the Jabel Ali slot which draws business people from all over the world. This large port in the area transformed the city into a large developing area with its large airports, powerful infrastructures and shopping  malls.

Gold City

Dubai has a tremendous perspective while you are watching eye catching locations. The Dubai Creek provides you a glance of the old Dubai then taking you to the liven market followed by Gold Souk in Deira. Gold is one of the reasons of popularity of this city.

Ancient Civilization

The city is the product of ancient Arabic civilization that is all featured in the Dubai museum within the Al Fahidi Fort. Relics displayed there  describe the lifestyle of the old Emiratis before the finding of oil in Dubai. Dubai City Tours then shows you the Jumeirah Mosque, a rock framework designed would provide you the picture of Islamic lifestyle. The mosque is designed with wealthy Arabic calligraphy and decorative items.

Stunning Structures

The seaside shopping malls and stores are an exclusive encounter for guests in Dubai. Moreover the grace and glamour of the city can be achieved by visiting its man-made Islands, huge structures like Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Palm Island.

The Palm Island has been designed artificially and it includes the Atlantis Hotel Resort, seaside side cottages, dining places, shopping centers, schools and many other magnificent spots. Most of the places you can see from the top of the Burj Khalifa or when you rent a yacht in Dubai.

Desert Peace

Once you are in Dubai, have fun with your journey. The desert remains ready to fill your time with intrigue and adventure. In the desert you can enjoy the desert safari trips, dune bashing, and sand boarding.

World Trade Center

Among many tall structures in the city, the world trade center is one of the many, which is popular as a business complex.  It is located close to the Sheikh Zayed Road and has several hotels, residential areas and business centers. It is a huge source of attractions for the visitors.

The limitless fun is looking for you when you are in the city of dreams. Enjoy a luxury yacht rental in Dubai and go shopping at the best stores in the world.

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