Travel: Top Tips to Enjoy Your Luxury Romantic Get-Away

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With over 40 airports in the UK, and 24 of these being classed as international, you can hop on a plane and be abroad in less than an hour. Air and rail travel has never been more accessible and there are flights across the globe each and every day which means the world truly is your oyster.

Couples seeking some quality time alone on a romantic getaway often choose to escape the hustle and bustle of life and head for the sandy shores to enjoy a few days of rest, relaxation dispersed with liberal sessions of pampering and fun. Check out this list on the Guardian for some of the most popular destinations for the hopeless romantics among us.

However, although some distance between you and your homeland may be very welcomed, it can sometimes seem quite isolating being so far away from your family and friends, particularly if you are a married couple leaving your kids with the relatives while you take some time for yourselves. Thanks to the voracious march of our social technology you can stay connected to your nearest and dearest in an instant via your mobile device.

This is the age of social media, with Facebook and Twitter taking over the 21st generation as the most preferred way to communicate with one another, and with a quick and easy download of your favourite social media app on to your smart phone you can update your status or chat directly with people at the touch of a button. Most mobile devices have quality integrated cameras and their slimline design is perfect for taking abroad to capture your holiday memories on the go. Once you have taken your prized photographs you can share them instantly with family and friends back home by uploading them to popular photography sites such as Instagram (removing the threat of filling your traditional camera’s film before the trip is over.) Although those at home may not thank you for boasting about the lovely weather and pampering you are enjoying while they are wrapped up in their winter woollies…but if that’s not what facebook is for then what good is it eh?

The digital generation we have become so used to is all but totally dependent on internet access to function, and as most social media applications will require wifi to operate you will need to check your internet options with your network provider. Many providers charge premium rates for using your mobile device abroad so make sure you shop around to get the best deal. It is worthwhile exploring exclusive ‘mobile broadband only’ providers like to find more competitive rates and roaming flexibility when compared to some of the larger mobile sites. Don’t get caught out by excessive internet data charges if you are using 3G on the go, and if you are taking your mobile phone abroad then discuss the roaming charges and tariffs in the country that you are visiting so you don’t get greeted by a sky high phone bill on your return to the UK.

Ensuring you are on the right phone contract is especially important for professionals who work abroad, as they may find themselves away from home for long periods of time. Our mobile devices are frequently so much more than a phone, and we rely upon them to access our emails, manage our calendars and schedules, read or edit documents and we can even use them to conduct presentations, so internet connectivity is essential. The ability to FaceTime, Skype or chat on Facebook with your nearest and dearest via your mobile device will make your time away that bit more bearable, but you don’t want to be constantly clock watching during each contact so ensure that your tariff allows plenty of calls to and from the UK and ample internet access to keep you connected.

Of course, make sure you enjoy your romantic getaway. A little quality time is ideal in the run up to Christmas when it can get very cold and very stressful!


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