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Whether you live large in a cliff-top home with expansive ocean views or you’re still waiting in a shared SoHo flat for your ship to come into port, you need luxury in your life. The very word itself evokes images of cash registers going cha-ching but the truth is that luxury is not about money. It’s about comfort. It’s about contented abundance. Luxury is accessible because it’s an aesthetic that you create by choosing wisely, buying quality and, yes, sometimes saving your pennies. But it’s worth it to think of décor in terms of luxury because your home should be not only where you hang your hat but also a sanctuary where you and everyone you care about can feel embraced and inspired.

The question is how does one achieve that? I can’t tell you exactly what to buy to create a lavish home but I can offer four suggestions as to how you can easily begin transforming your house or apartment from just good enough to simply luxurious.

Use Cashmere in Unexpected Ways

Fun fact: The word cashmere comes from two roots: “Kashmir” from the breed of goats that produces true cashmere wool and “pashm’” the Persian word for wool. You can easily add a special something to your winter décor with cashmere throws and duvet covers and overstuffed pillows but my favorite way to use cashmere in luxury decorating is in curtains. Cashmere drapes are amazing – magnificent really – because of their beautiful natural drape. If cashmere curtains do not sound appealing to you, there are still other ways to make a statement with curtains made of other fabrics.

Opt for the Darkest Wood for Floors… and Walls

Wood flooring is de rigueur in luxury homes but the longtime trend has been light woods like oak, hickory or pine – perhaps stained to a soft gold. Now deep rich dark wood floors are modish among those who want to create a warmer, cozier feeling in line with the traditional luxury aesthetic. What is much more surprising is that wood paneling is not only in again but is being used in unexpected ways. Four dark wood walls would make a room stifling but a single dark wood accent wall is fresh.

Say Never Ever to Matchy Sets

No matter how expensive a full matched living room or bedroom set is it will always look chintzy in comparison with a room filled with custom pieces chosen for their character and charm. True luxury can’t be achieved in a single swipe of a credit card, after all! Sometimes more really is more, so mix modern and vintage pieces, accessories from Target with furniture from West Elm, new buys and treasures you already have. Speaking of those treasures, use them. Shop your own home before you go shopping, discarding anything neither useful nor beautiful and repurposing what you love.

Remember, Velvet Is Still the Ultimate Luxe Fabric

Poor velvet has gotten a bad rap over time thanks to kitschy Elvis paintings and the worst of 70s fashion but it’s still one of the best fabrics in the world. To create luxury you need texture which velvet has in spades. It looks beautiful, it feels rich and it’s an incredibly flexible fabric for those who know how to use it. Love the idea of a full velvet tufted sofa but it seems too granny-ish? Make it teal. Giant velvet floor pillows are the modern girl or guy’s answer to old fashioned velvet throw pillows. Whatever you do, though, use velvet sparingly lest you find yourself back in Elvis territory.

See? Easy. No room in the budget? No problem. Start with the tip about shopping your home and then save those pennies. Check consignment shops, antique stores and thrift shops, too. Luxury can sometimes be hiding in the most surprising places!

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