Lifestyle: Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gem

In terms of semi-precious stones, there are four major kinds on the market today, each with their own colors, clarities and cultural significance. How do you know which one is best? What cut will symbolize the things you want to say in a gift? Here’s a quick guide to understanding gemstones.


Considered a symbol of love, passion and romance for thousands of years, a blood-red ruby is sure to delight both casual wearers and those who can appreciate its rich history. This is the stone you offer to someone you love very much, someone who wants every eye in the room turned in envy.


Pure sapphires are a dark, heartbreaking blue, but you can also find stunning pieces in the occasional pink, purple or aquamarine. They’re most commonly set in pendants and large earrings as to show off the size and clarity of the stone, so buy a sapphire to see and be seen.


One of the most valuable gems on the market today, emerald prices have skyrocketed in the past few years. Recent pieces in Switzerland have sold at auction for more than nine million francs, or 10 million USD.

Apollo synthetic diamond
Steve Jurvetson / / CC BY


Diamonds are forever, so if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift or a piece of jewelry that can be handed down to the next generation, consider investing in something gorgeous, high quality and made to last. From elegant necklaces to sparkling engagement rings, she’ll love the immortality of diamonds.


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