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As most of you know, I love to read and I love beautiful books. Nothing is a better gift than something thoughtful and personalized specifically for you. Take a look at some of these great reads, which will also come in handy for the upcoming holiday season.

Model Citizens High Resolution

For the Trendy Romantic: 

Model Citizens: Riding For A Fall  is a romantic thriller about two LA models who blackmail their way to the top. They’ve got it made until the bad boy karma catches up with them. Overnight, French model Angela Durand and blonde Californian Joanne Hart become Supermodels and overnight celebrities.

The glamorous LA high life is at their fingertips. Multi-million-dollar modelling contracts with the biggest names in fashion. Rich and famous lovers. Private jet travel. The best manager in the business. What could possibly go wrong?

Plenty, including Joanne’s boyfriend who is the greatest footballer in American history and a psychopath. As Brett Farrell’s life runs off the rails in the week before Super Bowl 2009, his deranged behavior threatens to destroy Joanne and Angela. Set in the bright lights world of haute couture fashion, where nothing is ever quite what it appears to be, will the love and smarts of Model Citizens Modeling Agency owner Reggie Sinatra be enough to save his star clients from the dark side?

A wild tale of blind ambition, the power of love, glamorous frocks and the deadly consequences of living like candles in the wind, Model Citizens is the unforgettable first novel from Henry Pepper, a descendant of British novelist and poet Sir Walter Scott.

“Model Citizens is fiction based on true stories,” Henry explained. “While researching the book, I met a number of famous models in London, New York and Paris who were kind enough to tell me about what really goes on behind the scenes in fashion.” Check out Model Citizens: Riding for a Fall on Amazon.

For the Fashionista: 


From family-owned, independent publishing company Schiffer, Europe: Rising Fashion Designers 2, is the latest volume of this popular series, discovering the current and emerging trends in European fashion in full-color hard cover. Filled with  over 460 images and incisive text over 200 pages illustrating the work of students from premier schools in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Sweden. Discover both the sources of inspiration for Europe’s up-and-coming designers and the materials and techniques they have employed in the creation of modern womenswear and menswear.  A perfect gift for anyone with a keen fashion sense and curiosity about what tomorrow will bring will value this book.

For the Self-Help Guru:


Who You Callin’ Silly? How a Silly Woman Becomes Virtuous, by Kimberly Lock, is an engaging and thought-provoking personal conversation about the nature of unconditional love, forgiveness, feminine strength and power and true meaning of becoming virtuous. While this word is often used to describe a woman of God, its true meaning is now elucidated for EVERY woman. The 3 sections are broken up into: “All My Single Ladies,” “I’s Married Na!”, and “Every Woman,” which touch upon the following topics:

  • Take control of your life by refusing to be defined by stigmas, stereotypes, prejudices, past mistakes and present challenges
  • Transform any past hurts that have shaped your character into the silhouette of a woman of power with humbleness of mind, sincerity and gratitude
  • Enjoy life as a responsible role model for yourself, other women and your children.
  • Reshape your entire foundation and take hold of an uncompromising future with boldness and confidence! 

“If this book can touch one life – one woman – and help her to have a more positive outlook on life and understand her worth,” says Lock, “then writing it was not in vain. hope they take the information and strengthen their inner being that much more or help someone else in need.” To purchase on Amazon: Who You Callin’ Silly? How a Silly Woman Becomes Virtuous.

For the Historical Fiction Lover:


Author J. Boyce Gleason channels Dan Brown in his new historical fiction novel, which is the perfect read for travels around the holidays. His novel chronicles the chaos that ensues in 741 when Charles the Hammer’s death puts his family’s plans to take the throne in jeopardy. Anvil of God: Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles is based on a true story, and showcases a whirlwind of love, honor, sacrifice, power, destiny and betrayal.

For the Young Traveler: 


Eleanor Goodall is an author and grandmother that believes that in today’s global society it is essential for her grandchildren to travel and explore the world.

Her new novel, Walking on Water showcases the great aspects of studying abroad, and is inspired by Goodall’s own granddaughter and her experiences. As she got to experience a new culture, learn a different language, sample exotic eats and meet people from all over the world, she grew and flourished as a person.

“Every year my husband and I take one of our grandchildren anywhere in the world they want to go,” Goodall said, “we’ve been to Europe multiple times and my granddaughter especially loved Italy.”

If you have a future globetrotter that would like to know more, check out Walking on Water.


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