Travel: 5 Places for Nightlife Fun

Looking for a great party? Express yourself by dancing to the morning hours and meeting new friends over the clinking of shot glasses. Check out these 5 destinations for unbeatable nightlife:

London - Piccadilly Circus - London
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Known mostly for its pub scene, London also has some of the most posh and prestigious nightclubs in the world. Nightlife is prevalent every night of the week, and can range from low-key to ultra luxurious.

Cosmo, Crystals and Hollywood
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Las Vegas. 

No nightlife list would be complete with Sin City. A city with truly something for everyone, (and we do mean EVERYONE).  Stick to the posh mega clubs and you will be safe: Hakkasan, Marquee, XS, Tao. You can catch most of the major DJ’s here at one time or another, and some have taken up permeant residence in Las Vegas. 

New york times square-terabass
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New York City. 

Called the “city never sleeps” for good reason, New Yorkers have a “work hard, play hard” mentality. New York City scores big because it offers something for everybody, every night of the week. What’s your fancy? Mega clubs? Meatpacking bars? Loft Parties? Indie Rock shows? Hotel lounges?  Themed parties? Hipster hangouts? Warehouse parties in Brooklyn? Hip hop? Jazz? Opera? NYC has it all.

Pachá Ibiza
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Welcome to the nightclub mecca of the world, where every party person has been, or wants to be and sleep is not recommended. The theatrics, weather, beaches parties, hotel bars and best DJ’s in the world make it the place to be. See sights like a stripper rocking a saxophone solo hanging from the ceiling naked, the blast of a wind tunnel built into a dance floor, parade floats and foam dropping from the ceiling. Yes, it all exists here.

'V for Vendetta', United States, New York, New York City, West Village, Skyline View
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Los Angeles.

Scantily clad women, celebrities and “the industry” make LA a totally different place  to party. Hollywood nightclubs range from the small ultra lounges to some bigger venues, and offer the glimpse of the occasional celeb or supermodel. One downside of partying in LA: drinking and driving. Keep safe by hiring a party bus. Travel in luxury and style with no stress!

What’s your favorite city to party? Leave in the comments below!


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