Travel: Have the Experience of a Lifetime at ITC Maurya Delhi


Named after the premium Mauryan dynasty known for its opulent history, the ITC Maurya is a sight to behold, and an experience to be had. Located in the Chanakyapuri area in the city of Delhi, this hotel is the embodiment of luxury. With suites that are designed to impress, and artistry that leaves one speechless, the ITC Maurya is one of the finest 5 Star hotels in India, and truly justifies the graceful empire of the Mauryans that it represents. With 438 rooms, which include 25 specially and uniquely designed suites, the ITC Maurya presents a variety of room categories, which fulfill the ITC proposition of top-notch hospitality.


Lavish rooms and impeccable hospitality is a given when staying at the ITC Maurya. But there is something more to the hotel that transcends every single aspect, and that is the Grand Presidential Suite at the ITC Maurya. The name itself resonates with grandeur and royalty, and it truly does the same in every sense. The hotel, in its entirety, is magnificent, but what makes the Grand Presidential Suite at ITC Maurya so special is the sheer opulence of the suite, which is far more luxurious due to personalized amenities which make the resident feel like royalty.

The Grand Presidential Suite is larger than life; be it the architecture, the furniture, the ambience, the service, or just by sheer area. The suite is adorned by a large private entrance, which one enters after their vehicle has been parked in the special Presidential parking boulevard. A high speed elevator and up-to-date advanced security systems are part of the perks. Spread over two bedrooms, the suite is a mini mansion in its own right. The architecture complements the luxurious colours. The walls are laden with silk panels, and embellished with exquisite artwork. The dark wood flooring does the rest, as the contrast is just perfect.

What is more special than a private reception area? The people who stay at the Grand Presidential Suite know what makes it this special, as the comfort and convenience they achieve here is out of the world. A personal butler,  a magnificent living room, a lavish dining room, a beautiful bathroom with accessories that makes you ease yourself and lay back in calm; what more can a person want. But that’s not all. Adding to the convenience is the use of the latest technologies to make life easier.  iPod docking stands and LED television sets adorn the suite.


The luminaries who visit the suite are usually distinguished personalities. Along with the special security offered to them along with bullet proof glass, being at the Grand Presidential Suite provides the person with exclusive and privileged access to The Summit Lounge and the Boardroom and the business courtyard where complete privacy is offered with utmost luxury.

The list of facilities does not end here. Pickups and drop-offs to and fro the airport are provided in limousines, with the traditional Indian welcome and farewell leaving the people with a pleasant experience of the hotel. The ITC Maurya leaves no stone unturned to make a stay at the hotel an unforgettable experience.

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