Travel: Finding Luxury For Less With Cheaper First Class Flights

Everyone loves a bit of luxury in their life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pay more than necessary! Believe it or not, those low-cost airfares that are advertised do not only apply to economy class. It is also possible to save on first class and business class seats, leaving you more cash to spend on other little luxuries!

There are certain seats which are priced the same as economy, but it is often difficult to find them online. These seats are referred to as either Y-Up, K-Up or Q-up fares and the best way to find them is to contact a travel agent and specifically ask about them. You may also wish to try booking direct with the airline itself. Even if you cannot get the flight at economy prices, you will often find that the fare is substantially less than a standard first class ticket.

As you can see on the infographic below from there are many ways to spend less for your flight.

Aside from this little known secret, it is usually possible to apply exactly the same tips and tricks to obtaining cheaper first or business class flights as you would for economy flights. All of the same rules apply : book well in advance; be flexible in regard to your travel dates and times; and check out international travel agents where you might avoid certain taxes. Once you have secured your low-cost first class seats, all that is left to do is decide what you are going to treat yourself too with that extra spending money!

How to find Discount Flights



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