Travel: 10 tips for Solo Ski Holidays


Sometimes it can be hard to find friends that can take time off work at the same time as you and are able to spend a week or two away from home. If you have been looking forward to a skiing trip and now you cannot find anybody to accompany you, the following tips, aimed at solo travelers, may inspire you to go on your own and who knows, you could have the time of your life!

Join an online forum – there are forums covering the entire spectrum of leisure pursuits so you are sure to find many that are devoted to the topic of winter sports. By getting to know more people that share your passion for skiing, you could well find that one or two of them will be holidaying at the same time as you and are keen to meet up. Making new friends is one of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling alone and if you can do so before you even leave for your trip, so much the better.

Look for special deals online – many travel agents understand that some people like to travel alone and offer packages that are aimed at solo travelers. Rather than having to pay a supplement for going on your own, you could end up actually saving money if you find a good deal.

Book an early morning flight – if you are going skiing by yourself, there is no need to worry about somebody turning up late and spoiling the trip by making you all miss the flight. Air travel can be a complicated business, especially if you have connecting flights to make but if you make an earlier start, you will have more time to accommodate any unexpected delays in your journey.

Purchase comprehensive travel insurance – this is something that all holidaymakers should do, whether traveling alone or not. However, it is especially important to ensure that you are not left penniless after a theft in a foreign country if there will be no friends there to help. Comprehensive policies should also cover medical expenses in the event of injury or illness.

Pick a resort that has plenty of alternative leisure facilities in case the skiing conditions are not good – you do not want to be stuck in your room alone with nothing to do in the event that there is not enough snow to ski so make sure that wherever you go, there are other activities available that are suitable for solo travelers.

Buy a local SIM as soon as you arrive. Whilst most mobile networks offer roaming packages, the costs involved are usually quite high. Make sure that you can get in touch with friends and family back home without spending a fortune by purchasing a local SIM when you land. However much fun you have traveling alone, there may be times when you are homesick and you will be glad to hear a friendly voice.

Rent your winter sports gear at the resort. One of the nicest things about solo holidays is that they give you the ability to travel really light. Take full advantage of this fact by packing the bare minimum into a bag that you can take onto the plane as hand luggage. You will then be able to walk off the plane and straight through customs / immigration, rather than having to wait for your suitcase to arrive on a carousel.



Book a place on a piste tour – many resorts organise tours of the best skiing areas that anybody can join and they are a great way to make new friends when traveling alone.

Take lessons with a local instructor – if you would like to improve your technique, there is no better time to do it than when on a solo ski holiday.

Many people are reticent to book a winter sports holiday on their own but personally, some of my best holidays were those I took alone.

Author: Bradley is writing freelance for Oxford Ski, a travel specialist that works to find clients the perfect luxury ski hotel, lodge, or chalet for their skiing holidays. They have resorts in Austria, Italy, and many other countries.


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