Fashion: Beach Trends for Women 2014


French or Italian Rivera, Maldives, or Caribbean it doesn’t matter what luxury beach destination you are heading this spring and summer. I am sure you will look fabulous in new bikini. However, if you want to stand out and show off eye-catching trends, get ready for the beach holiday with my top 10 beach style ideas.

Unique Shape Bikini

A bikini is the most important piece in the suitcase while packing for the beach holiday. And it’s better if you have a few stunning pieces to rock the beach. Many designers today celebrate modern women through unusual swimwear forms, and shapes. Experimenting with unique bikini shapes could add to the style a bit of boldness and chic at the same time. Try Chloe bikinis and embrace style, slick, unusual and fashion forward statements.

Bright Colors

Expressing your style through bright colours such as neon, fuchsia, or yellow has become a popular trend. I say yes, to bright colours because they are considered inspiring and suggesting strong and confident personality. So, make sure you pack a few bright frocks for the beach and for the night of clubbing. Ralf Lauren has amazing green and turquoise colours this season.


I am a big believer in accessories. My absolute essentials for the beach are statement earrings, bracelets and bold pendants. These pieces can change the look immediately. You can wear a simple bikini but the right accessory will make you look like a goddess. My suggestions, try Bamboo Collection by Gucci made with silver and gold.

Floral Tunics

Make a statement in unique floral tunic. Dolce Gabbana spring summer 2014 has amazing floral tunics that will add a bit of sizzle and spark to your image. Many designers turned to floral prints this season, so make sure you have a piece in your wardrobe.

Sexy beach bag

In my view, a beach bag has to be practical and chic at the same time. It has to be big enough toyou’re your cosmetics, books, iPads and change of clothing. That’s why I adore Louis Vuitton totes. Clear plastic beach tote is a perfect choice for a beach; the bag will not be ruined by sand and sunrays and you will look absolutely sexy with this timeless piece.



Jimmy Choo wedges made from premium cork have changed my mind about wedges forever. Sexy, elegant, easy to wear on the beach and on the street, these chic shoes are perfect addition to for a stunning beach look. One of my favourite lines is called Pandora.



All trendy features can be found in different collections of Prada sunglasses. Prada presents fantastic “Portrait Sunglasses” with mosaic contrasting bowline. “Dixie sunglasses” remind of retro style. Minimal baroque presents exquisite curves either on temples or on front. They can include contrasting elements that contribute to sophisticated look.

Designer Beach Towel

Sunbath in style with a high-end quality beach towel. One of my favorites is Hermes’s Toile de Spi printed beach towel that comes in ultramarine blue cotton.


Panama Hat

One of my favorite hats this season is Emilio Pucci exclusive braided raffia floppy hat. You can find one in a bright turquoise with fine silk hat band in signature pattern print.

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