5 Luxurious Must Visit Islands


Island destinations are amongst some of the most luxurious places to visit during you vacation. Islands can be very unique and teamed with some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see, an island holiday is a must.

Setting up your dream vacation can be surprisingly simple, all you need to do is find your destination island and book accommodation and flights. Most islands will have resorts that will get you to and from the airport in style. Booking your room in advance and asking the concierge to add some special touches your room can go a long way to that luxury experience we all deserve.

When planning your dream holiday, consider our list of must see islands. They are sure to have you wanting to book in no time at all.


Society Islands

This set of islands in Bora Bora has quickly become one of the most sought after destinations for travellers. They have an undeniably tropical feel to them, which will add to their overall appeal for many out there. But the community on these islands has also retained its own unique identity, which does have its own appeal as well which gives you a once in a lifetime experience.

Le Méridien Tahiti is one of the most luxurious on the island. With 150 rooms located on the beachfront, this hotel has its own private beach and is only 15 minutes from the capital, Papeete. This resort is famous to many celebrities and boasts the most luxurious suites on the island. Le Méridien Tahiti is luxury in its finest and a must visit hotel.

Naxos, Greece

The Cyclades have quickly built up a reputation for offering an unparalleled travel experience that everyone will appreciate. Naxos is one of the larger communities located within this island chain. Holiday goers will get the chance to enjoy some truly modern accommodations when they arrive at this location. There is no doubt that this island destination does have a special status among the local residents as well. Guests can enjoy some traditional ways of life when they head in to this community.

Most people will also appreciate the chance to tour historic churches, buy goods from local stores and even sample some of the local cuisine. The Naxian Collection is amongst the best luxury villas on the island. With views of the Agean Sea, the luxury villas and suites come equipped with private pools and Jacuzzis. They also offer helicopter transfer and a personal chef in their services to make sure you have a relaxing luxury break.



Providenciales, Turkey

The Turks and Caicos have largely flown under the radar over the past few years, but that is starting to change as more people are increasingly discovering that these islands offer a unique experience that they won’t want to miss. The island has miles of natural white sand beaches and Grace Bay is most definitely worth a visit.

Villa Renaissance is a classic luxury hotel located on Grace Bay. The architecture is amongst the most elegant on the island and you are able to do a variety of activities including golfing and boating. A stay at Villa Renaissance is guaranteed to leave you feeling revitalised in this tropical paradise.




The Maldives is truly an exotic destination, which carries a certain amount of charm of its own. Guests will discover the tropical paradise of the Maldives and experience its true beauty. Many people will also appreciate the chance to stay at some of the most unique hotels on the island.

Conrad Maldives Resort & Spa is a unique hotel with underwater dining, spa and hotel rooms. Guests are able to view local marine life and get a distinct opportunity to enjoy their stay here. This is a great opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful sea life in the world. Relax in one of the hotels spas or experience the distinct coral reef by submarine.

Easter Island, Chile

As one of the most popular destinations around Chile, Easter Island has captured the imagination of the tourists for decades. It is perhaps best known for its wide array of different stone sculptures situated on the island as well. There are a variety of excursions available to guests can also rent out boats that can tour the surrounding area of the island chain, adding to the overall experience that they can get.

The Explore Hotel is located on 9.6km squared of land and guests can enjoy panoramic views and spacious rooms during their stay. For a luxury holiday with a difference, Easter Island will provide you with many activities during your stay.

These 5 luxury islands are a must visit for the seasoned luxury traveller. Be sure to pack your luggage with the latest island trends. For the rest of us we can only dream of winning the lottery or getting rich quick.

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