Luxury on the Go: How to Maintain a Fabulous Skincare Routine While Traveling

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Ahhh! Traveling… flying miles above earth can make you feel like you’re living a sophisticated life of luxury! It can also be a great way to beat a beauty rut. You see, preparing for a change of scenery forces you to take stock of what’s really important.

However, the limited size of your carry on bag makes even the most economic among us cringe. Traveling forces you to re-access the idea of “beauty staples.” It’s important to cut the fat and invest in quality over quantity.

It only makes sense that you want to take everything with you! Planes, trains, and automobiles have the ability to wreak absolute havoc on your skin and beauty regimen. That’s why we’re here to assist you in all thing passports, packing, and primping!


Give Yourself Limitations

I am a self-proclaimed product junkie. However, when I’m going abroad, I limit myself to one small makeup case and another case for skincare. Doing so will require that you pack multi-tasking products. If I’m going to take a moisturizer, perhaps it should double as an SPF or BB Cream. Why not take a lip/cheek tint (think Benetint) instead of a separate lipstick and blush? Invest in products that will go the distance with you. Plus, you’ll feel oh-so-chic in a minimal, European way! With your small bag, you can even fly in heels without worrying about stumbling under the weight of a huge suitcase.

Cut out the Harsh, Drying Products

Before you reach through the computer and yell at me, just hear me out! I’m an oily girl, too. However, the dry cabin air on planes combined with alcohol-heavy products is a recipe for disaster. It’s much better to go with noncomedogenic, sensitive-skin products. (Cetephil or CeraVe are both good options). Or invest in an ultra-hydrating moisturizer. Doing so will ensure your travel photos scream, “She has that je ne sais quoi!”

Use an Appropriate Bag

Try not to pack your makeup and skincare items with your clothes. I have had so many beautiful, designer pieces ruined thanks to a leaky product. Stick them in Ziplock bags if you must. Another great strategy? Before packing your goodies, open each lid, take a bit of saran wrap, and cover the opening.This acts as double-duty to ensure your cashmere stays magnificent.

Use The Plane Ride as a Detox Opportunity

Bring along a book you’ve been dying to read. Ask the flight attendant to bring you some green tea to sip, take off your makeup with a makeup removing wipe, and apply your favorite lotion. You’re stuck up in the air, so you might as well enjoy and treat yourself! Then, before you land, you can reapply your makeup to a hydrated, youthful looking face. See? You look the part of the worldly, effortlessly gorgeous world traveler… probably because you are.

Chime in, readers. What are your traveling staples? And what are your efficient packing tips? Leave your suggestions in the comments. And have a safe flight!

Author: Cassie Brewer is a freelance writer in Southern California. As someone who is always on the go and not willing to sacrifice her beauty routine for cheap stand-ins, she loves finding the most luxurious, travel-appropriate products. Follow her on Twitter for more!





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