​Nightlife in Sorrento, Italy


Sorrento is renowned for its charm and vitality. Steep cliffs over the sea of intense blue colours offer a beautiful and enchanting landscape, which everyone – at least once – should have the pleasure of witnessing.

To make the city even more attractive, are the  many restaurants, bars and discos that you can find walking through the typical alleys of the city.

The pubs of Sorrento are suitable for different age groups, no matter the age or taste.  In Sorrento you will most likely find the place you are looking for to spend a fun evening, in an environment that suits you.


If you are fond of dancing, discos and theme evenings, in the central Piazza Tasso you can find the Fauno Notte Club, which organizes several evenings, especially focused on the dancing and for a young clientele.

Rather close, in Corso Italia,​ you’ll find the Filou Club, much loved by celebrities, it is a popular club, certainly intriguing for those hoping to learn a few outstanding personalities.

Also fashionable but more oriented to luxury, is the Li’ly, a sought after, lounge with bar, restaurant and nightclub. The Li’ly is a chic place, located in Via degli Aranci, which is home to only a carefully selected clients.

Sorrento is a very elegant city, visited by numerous celebrities and jet set travelera who help to make it even more fun and exciting.

Don’t forget the Artis Domus, which is located in the basement of the house that bears the same name and is particularly appropriate for those who love to listen to good music, drinking a beer, finding himself with friends.

The fine music is often played live, which makes a good mix with the particular aspect of the nineteenth century villa, giving rise to decidedly suggestive atmospheres.

Obviously, a large part of entertainment is dedicated to food. In fact, many clubs and discos have important restaurant areas where they prepare the dishes typical of Sorrento, offering those who love fun and entertainment a nice evening, but at the same time giving you the chance to enjoy some delicious, maybe in the company of friends.

An example, in this sense, is the Castor Disco Bar, which – as clear from the name! It’s a disco, but also bar and restaurant.

In order to appreciate the Sorrento special offers is good to look for a bed and breakfast in Sorrento which is in the heart of the city, in order to reach, on different days, different places, perhaps walking, without difficulties to find a parking space!


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