Three Travel Destinations for Your Bucket List

We often fall victim to the belief that the spirit of adventure and the endless possibilities of imagination belong only to children. But we all have an adventurous desire that is with us from birth, a need in our souls to get out and embrace life to the fullest. The daily responsibilities and routines of adulthood too often get in the way of fulfilling these desires and allowing time and opportunity to slip away from us.

Now is the time to push those To-Do Lists aside and focus on the Bucket Lists instead. Life is full of adventures that need to be experienced and stories that need to be told. Traveling the world and immersing yourself into other cultures is the best way to reignite the adventurous spirit. Make sure these three travel destinations get crossed off your Bucket List.


1. African Safari – Explore the vast savannah of Tanzania on a safari and get a front row seat to the viewing of some of Africa’s most magnificent wildlife. Free to roam their native grasslands, these animals are out in the open instead of behind the bars in zoo captivity where we are used to seeing them.

2. Alaska – One of the last states to join the Union and the very last to be tamed, Alaska still remains largely wild in its ways. The rough terrain of this great state to the north provides adventure at every turn, from its glaciers and peaks to the vast array of wildlife.

3. Europe – Discover the many sights of Europe by traveling through the countries and experiencing their different cultures. Visit Buckingham Palace in England, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and tour the Coliseum in Rome. One trip can give you a taste of a multitude of ethnicities and traditions without leaving the continent.

Endless adventures await us if only we would take the time to embrace the possibilities. Now is the time to cross those destinations off of our Bucket Lists by taking advantage of the   adventure of travel today. Women’s Own Adventure provides just that opportunity by booking tours to locations all across the globe. Visit and begin your Bucket List adventure today.


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