Book Review: Diary of a Pissed Off Flight Attendant


We have all met Sydney Pearl, in the form of a flight attendant that has secrets to tell of the skies.

After hearing “Are we there yet?” hundreds of times a day at 40,000 feet in the year, Sydney Pearl decided to take an abundance of anecdotes from her nearly two decades of service flying for a major airline and make a book out of it. Hence, the birth of  Diary of a Pissed-Off Flight Attendant

Take a hilarious look at an insider’s view of the aviation industry – from passenger antics to co-worker dilemmas

“I feel that, in my book, I have captured the essence and frustration of what we all go through on a daily basis,” says Pearl. “My book applies not only to flight attendants but to anyone in the customer service industry.”

Pearl explores:

•Acceptable vs. unacceptable airplane travel attire

•The different “types” of travelers you meet on an airplane

•How simple things like common courtesy and respect can make your travel experience a much more enjoyable one

•Why it’s so important to actually take the time to understand your travel itinerary and security requirements when in the airport

•The many ridiculous shenanigans passengers perpetrate, both before boarding and while in the air

•Why you need to learn to keep your hands to yourself (yes, apparently it needs explaining)

•Tackling the uncomfortable topic of overweight passengers

To grab your copy: Diary of A Pissed-Off Flight Attendant

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