8 Places to Visit in New South Wales


Australia is such a vast and magnificent land that knowing where to start any tour and exactly what to take in could prove to be extremely difficult decisions. One very simple answer would be to select a manageable sized state that packs plenty of attractions into a relatively small area. It just so happens that New South Wales fits that description perfectly. With a range of both manmade and natural wonders, all within reasonable travelling distance of each other, New South Wales would seem to have it all.

Unforgettable Memories

From the cosmopolitan sights and delights of Sydney to the stunning vistas of the Blue Mountains, it is hard to think of another similarly sized region that has so much to offer. Probably the most effective and popular means of making the very most of any New South Wales holiday would be to hire a suitable vehicle. A road trip around this part of Australian by Mietwagen could offer a lifetime’s worth of memories.

Places to Visit

Armed with a little helpful advice and a handful of useful tips, it should be entirely possible to make the very most of any holiday in New South Wales. Below can be found a list of 8 places to visit that might well prove to be worth taking a little time out of your day to study and take note of:


  1. Sydney

What better or more appropriate place to start any touring holiday of New South Wales than its magnificent state capital? The world-famous Sydney harbour, with its iconic opera house and bridge, would surely be an absolute must see for any visitor to this most beautiful of cities. The many bars, restaurants and cafes of Paddington could also prove to be a major attraction for a great many holidaymakers. And then there are the beaches, among which Bondi is the most well-known.

  1. Places Near to Sydney

A relatively short drive out of Sydney would take you into some of the most remarkably contrasting and unspoilt landscapes that you would ever be likely to see. The Blue Mountains offer tremendous views while Barrington Tops is a World Heritage listed wilderness of epic proportions.


  1. Lord Howe Island

A great spot for snorkeling and walking, this lovely island is also home to the famous Mount Gower. Although some distance from the NSW coast, Lord Howe Island offers perfect tranquillity and unspoiled natural splendors.

  1. The South Coast

Heading down towards the border with Victoria, the South Coast of New South Wales offers seemingly endless miles of unspoilt beaches. Whale and dolphin watching are popular activities in this part of the state.

  1. The North Coast

In the opposite direction, the North Coast just happens to have several terrific locations for surfing and a host of other water sports. Byron Bay is one of the regions main centres and a major attraction for new-age enthusiasts.

  1. Around New South Wales

Inland from the coast can be found rolling fields interspersed with timeless farmsteads, a real throwback to the past that would surely imbue any visitor with a feeling of peace and enchantment. Citrus orchards and wineries are a common feature of this wonderfully charming region.

  1. The Outback

What trip to Australia would be complete without at least a cursory venture into the famed Outback? Be sure to check out the opal mines around White Cliffs and the world’s oldest known ceremonial burial site at Mungo National park.

  1. The Snowy Mountains

Just when you think that New South Wales could possibly have nothing more to offer, up crops the opportunity for a spot of snow boarding in the snowy mountains. In fact, the range of activities available in this particular region might well keep you hanging around for far longer than planned.

For anyone who happens to be planning a truncated visit to Australia the many attractions of a visit to New South Wales could prove to be a fantastic compromise. Trying to take in the vastness of this immense country on a limited timescale could prove to be a mistake. Hiring a vehicle and checking out the many attractions of NSW would surely make far more sense.















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