Top 10 Luxury Hotels for You & Your Pet


Top 5 Domestic Destinations

  • The Lowell Hotel, NYC believes in giving your furry friend nothing but the best. With its pet room service your pal can enjoy a cozy night in. Just know who to blame when you see the movie charges for Air Bud and Beethoven.
  • The Little Neill, Aspen gives pets their own customized pet tag, epicurean treats, and plenty of other specialized eats with their custom pet menu. Pets even receive a special Puppy Jet Lag Kit to help them adjust to the altitude.
  • The Jefferson Hotel, Washington D.C. offers pups cozy bedding, overflowing dog bowls, and some of the best dog-friendly parks in the U.S. They even have their own doggie mascot, Monti, that your pooch can pal around with.
  • The Ritz Carlton, San Francisco offers a “Pampered Pooch” package that includes a custom pet tag, an in-room pet framed bed, pet in-room dining menu for room service; and a “Pooch Pack” featuring dog-related activities in San Francisco, including nearby parks, beaches, fun walks and more.
  • The Mandarin Oriental, Miami has earned a reputation with its five-star treatment to pets. Programs range from special doggie menus, turndown service, puppy play dates and grooming services.


Top 5 International Destinations

  • Hotel Splendido, Portofino, Italy offers easy access to a dog-friendly beach where you both can spend the day soaking up the rays. This hotel literally lives up to the phrase “life is a beach”.
  • Bulgari Hotel Resort, Milan provides pets their own bed to cozy up in beside you and bowls brimming with gourmet dog food.
  • Las Ventanas, Cabo, Mexico offers the ultimate in luxury where you and your pet can indulge in couple massages.
  • The Mandarin Oriental, Paris gives pets their own embroidered pillow (just like rock star Rihanna while she’s on tour) and their dining bowls are kept fresh with Evian water.
  • Plaza Athanee, Paris ensures pets have a bed just as luxurious as yours to rest in and dining bowls filled with only top quality dog food.

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