Fun, Fit Berlin for Your Next Holiday


When you are on a health kick, you may be reluctant to stop and take a vacation.

Taking a break from all that hard work may mean it will be incredibly difficult to get back into. Of course, while you are on holiday you tend to relax and slow down a bit more, and you get into the local cuisine with vigor! Drinking and eating out when you are on holiday can be a minefield because you can never be certain of the calories and fat content you are consuming.

If you are in a country that doesn’t cater well to English speakers, you may not even know what on earth you are eating.

Fortunately, there are lots more activity based holidays nowadays. Now, more than ever, you can choose a holiday to suit your level of fitness. It certainly beats lazing about on the beach for a full week! While you may still enjoy a cocktail or two in the evening, your days can be filled with lots of physical activities to keep your legs working. You may even make it home a pound or two lighter!

When you think about cycling holidays, thoughts of France and Italy pop straight into mind. However, there are places in Germany that cater to the cyclist very well, and actively promote the activity as an alternative to the car. Berlin, in particular, has some fabulous cycling tours you can enjoy. They give you the chance to take in all the city has to offer, but also enjoy parts of the surrounding countryside.

If you fancy checking out Berlin, you can have a look at any Venere deals that may be available in the city. Bring your own bicycle or hire one in the city. You can find plenty of tours in and around the city too, or you may just want to plan your own excursions to take in the sights that interest you most. It may be a good idea to plan routes around cafes and restaurants that interest you as all that cycling can be hungry and thirsty work!

Making the most of Berlin is imperative if you do visit this part of Germany. Of course, there are many parts of Germany that are worth a good look whether you prefer cycling or not. Take the train to commute between all the great cities of Germany. You can also nip just six miles over the border into Maastricht to find out more about political Europe. There are also several wonderful river cruises available in Germany to take on The Rhine.

Germany has plenty to offer tourists, especially if you prefer to be more active. If you love the outdoors, you may also want to try a campsite in the countryside for a night or two of your tour or trek. However you choose to get about, Germany has it all. The cities are clean and functional with plenty to see and eat. The countryside is beautiful and plentiful, offering you the best landscapes for cycling or walking. Enjoy.



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