5 Ideas For an Amorous Weekend in Verona

If you dream of a lovely Italian weekend with your beloved one, Verona is an excellent destination!

Verona is the place where every square, every street and building is just filled with love, where loving couples become much closer to each other. It’s hard to explain such a magical influence of the city, but one of the possible reasons may be Shakespeare’s sad love story of Romeo and Juliet, which took place exactly in Verona.

And that’s not all what this charming Italian city is proud of, because Verona can offer a plenty of the incredible ideas for your holiday trip, which we’ll share you with now.

  1. Visit the Juliet’s House

This is a fantastic place where you can feel the true power of poetry. Year by year, thousands of tourists from around the world aspire to visit the most romantic Italian city and see the balcony, where young Juliet stood when Romeo confessed his love for her.
It’s interesting to know that some people think these well-known characters may be just a figment of rich Shakespeare’s imagination. But nevertheless, the love story of a young couple lives in the hearts of people, even in spite of its tragic end. The major part of Juliet’s House is, of course, the balcony. There’s a popular belief that those who kissed standing under the balcony, will be together forever.

For more pragmatic couples who prefer the official registration of their relations, it is possible to get married in the House of Juliet. Dressed in medieval costumes, “modern Romeo and Juliet” get an official document “signed” with the special stamp. The price for ceremony is 1000 Euros.


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Address: Via Cappello, 23
GPS Position: 45.442713, 10.998877
Hours: Mon 1.30pm-7.30pm, Tue-Sun 8.30am-7.30pm
Ticket rates: 4€

  1. Stroll along the fortified walls of Castelvecchio Castle

Castelvecchio Castle – is a vivid example of secular architecture of Verona. Built in the middle of the XIV century, during the period of existence the castle was the residence of the local rulers, the weapons depot and the military barracks. At the beginning of the XX century the Castelvecchio Museum was organized in the castle and today you can enjoy their Venetian painting and sculpture from Veronese, Titian, Carpaccio, Pisanello, Tintoretto and other famous artists. You can reach Castelvecchio via Ponte Scaligero Bridge – one of the most significant symbols of Verona providing charming views of the river Adige and the castle.

Address: Corso Castelvecchio, 2
GPS Position: 45.439167, 10.987810
Hours: Tue-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-2pm, Sun-Mon-closed
Ticket rates: 6€

  1. Climb the Lamberti Tower

Lamberti Tower – is another interesting attraction in Verona. With the height of 84 meters, Lamberti Tower is the tallest construction in the city. It proudly towers over on the Piazza Erbe located in the historic center of Verona.  You can climb the Lamberti Tower by the stairs or the elevator. But if you want to reach exactly the top of the tower you’ll have to use the spiral staircase. It’s a little scary, but such fascinating aerial views of Verona which you get from the observation platform are worth it.


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Address: Via della Costa, 1
GPS Position: 45.442804, 10.998816
Hours: Tue-Sun 9.30am-7.30pm, Mon 1.30pm-7.30pm
Ticket rates: by stairs – 2€, by elevator – 3€

  1. Relax at the Giusti Garden

Giusti Garden – is a luxurious palace and park complex stretched on a hillside near the eastern outskirts of Verona. The park is filled with lots of fountains and sculptures. Tall, slender cypress trees surrounded by lush greenery, flowers and lawns seem unusually beautiful. Soft relaxing silence just envelops everyone who gets there and this is a great moment to escape from the bustling city. The entire garden is a continuous maze of hedges and, according to the legend, the lovers, who will be able to find each other in it, will be always together.

Address: Via Giardino Giusti, 2
GPS Position: 45.443255, 11.007731
Hours: April-September 9am-8pm, October-March 9am-sunset
Ticket rates: 5€

  1. Enjoy charming views from Ponte Pietra

Ponte Pietra – is the only arched bridge in Verona, which was built in the era of the Roman Empire and preserved almost its original form till this day. The length of the construction is 120 meters, the width – is slightly less than 4 meters. Connecting the banks of the Adige River, one end of the bridge literally rests against the ancient watchtower. Ponte Pietra is a nice place to take a walk with your beloved one enjoying marvelous evening views of the beautiful Verona.
Address: Rigaste Redentore 8
GPS Position: 45.447815, 11.000947


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As you can see, this city is 100% created for love, and still stores lots of other charming sights for you. If you’re going to Verona soon, we recommend you to use a rental car, because it’s much more comfortable and easy way for moving around the city. Cheap rental cars are available right at Verona Airport, where you can pick up your car and start your romantic weekend immediately. Well, we are sure Verona will bring you lots of positive moments and emotions during your trip.

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer. She enjoys traveling the world and exploring the great outdoors activities.






Cover photo compliments of: Nico Trinkhaus via Flikr 


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