Travel Tips 101: Cruise Protection


Sunset Cruise

From the moment of embarkation until your ship finally returns to your home port, you probably want to put all your worries behind you, relax and just thoroughly enjoy the life at sea.

To help give you that peace of mind and to take care of matters if things happen to go wrong, your principal cruise protection is likely to take the form of insurance. What, then, are some of the main considerations for such cruise travel insurance?

Medical cover

  • the most critical element of your cruise insurance is likely to be the cover it provides against medical emergencies, illness and accidents;
  • according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, some 48% of people do not realise that they have to pay for medical treatment when they are travelling abroad – including, of course, when they are on a cruise;
  • the same source suggests that for those more elderly travellers who have had the foresight to arrange insurance, the average claim amounts to almost £1,000 for 64 to 75 year-olds;
  • if you need to be airlifted from the ship in the middle of the ocean to be taken to a properly equipped hospital on shore, of course, these costs are likely to escalate considerably;

Pre-existing medical conditions

  • the reason is probably not that difficult to understand, since many insurers are likely to take the view that if you have been ill in the past, you are more likely to fall ill from a similar condition when on holiday;
  • a report from the Financial Ombudsman Service suggests that the question of pre-existing medical conditions is one of the most common reasons for confusion and complaint when it comes to travel insurance;
  • for that reason, and to help you identify those insurers likely to be sympathetic to your past medical history, you might want to consult a specialist cruise protection insurance provider;
  • if you have a pre-existing medical condition, however, there is one thing you might want to avoid doing and that is trying to hide the facts from the insurer – if it subsequently emerges, during the course of a claim, that you have such a condition, the insurer may reject your claim;
  • by the same token, of course, a pre-existing medical condition should be no reason simply to fail to arrange travel insurance at all;

Other considerations

  • cruise protection is designed to extend to other areas beside your health and safety;
  • compensation in the event of missed sailings, for example, might be included;
  • insurance against the theft, loss or damage of your baggage and personal possessions is also typically included – and you might want to make sure that the total sum insured under such a heading is sufficient for your needs.

One of the last things you need to worry about when embarking on your cruise is the likelihood of things going wrong. But if the worst comes to the worst and an accident or some other mishap does occur, you might be glad of your forethought and prudence in arranging cruise protection insurance.




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