Los Angeles Libations: Pearl’s Liquor Bar


Picture yourself on a rooftop, overlooking the Sunset Strip, all while enjoying lobster toast, beef tartar and a delicious Ginger Rogers. No, this is not a fantasy but the scene you’ll find yourself in at Pearl’s Liquor Bar in West Hollywood.

Pearl’s Liquor Bar is one of LA’s treasures. Infamous amongst locals, Pearl’s intimate atmosphere coupled with it’s mouthwatering appetizers and delectable cocktails has made it a premiere rooftop bar in the LA area.



From the glitz of the crystal chandeliers to the glam of the neon sign illuminating the Sunset Strip, Pearl’s captures the mystique of the Prohibition-era with a feminine touch.

Pearl’s emphasis on the importance of sophisticated hospitality and use of seasonal and local fare items has undoubtedly positioned the venue as a beloved neighborhood destination.


Frequented by celebs such as Anna Farris, Ed Sheeran and Mila Kunis, this picturesque venue is loved among all of Hollywood elite. To learn more:


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