3 Great Travel Gifts for Dad

Fathers can be difficult people to buy for. Whether it is Father’s Day, a birthday, or a “just because” gift, you want to find something that your Dad will love.

Father’s tend to enjoy practical gifts, which can make finding something nice that much harder. What do Dads actually need? For those stuck in a rut trying to decide on a great purchase for Dad, here is a handy guide of four practical, yet sentimental gifts that your father will love.

Shaving Kit

One thing that all men love is a nice shaving kit. Outfitting your Dad with new grooming supplies is an outstanding idea for a gift. Try browsing a store like Classic Shaving to find razors, razor blades, and all sorts of razor accessories. You can put together a kit or simply choose items to add to a kit that he already has. Your Dad (and his facial hair) will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift.

Customized Coffee Mug or Beer Glass

No matter what your Dad’s poison is, he will certainly appreciate something new to drink it out of. Consider getting a mug or beer glass customized with a family photo, his favorite quote, or anything else that your Dad might enjoy. This gift combines utility with thoughtfulness, making it something that any father would cherish forever.

Gift Subscription

No matter what it is that your Dad is into, there is probably a gift subscription out there for him. Whether it is coffee, beer, hot sauce, or books, you can find a subscription service for almost anything these days. This gift is not only thoughtful, but it will keep on giving as he receives a new installment each month.


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