Artist Spotlight: Marko Stout

Closeup portrait of a serious lady with smoky eye makeup

Marko Stout is on a worldwide tour.

With exhibits booked for the next 2 years, the innovated, eclectic artist will be making appearances everywhere from New York, California, Miami, Amsterdam, Paris and Germany at some of the biggest art shows in the world.



His unconventional mixed media work spans from video to installations to his establishment of “New York City Microcinema”, a grittier style of experimental French new wave art with film noir influences.

Known for his use of color and contrast, Manhattan-based Marko lives for rich imagery and metaphors. His work is compelling, unexpected and fashionable approach to art-making.

Drawing inspiration from his eclectic background as a doctor, and being influenced by non-narrative French and Italian cinema and the metaphor rich works of Nietzsche, as well as pop legends Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton and Jeff Koons, Marko Stout established has developed his trademark urban-eqsue imagery of New York City life through obscure scenes.




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