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Founded in 2011, San Francisco based Mozie Bicycles, formerly known as Mosi Bicycles, is the leader in producing luxurious European-style bicycles combining timeless design, functionality and enjoyment all in one exceptional ride.

At the cornerstone of quality manufacturing, Mozie Bicycles has designed and engineered bicycles complete with modern technologies that provide lasting performance and upscale elegance. From high-tensile steel frames to genuine leather accessories, Mozie is more than a mode of transport – it’s a stylish way of life.

Mozie Bicycles is the leader in fashionable, upscale transportation with European vintage spirit, is continuing its expansion of partnerships with luxury resorts and hotels now includes Bardessono Hotel and Spa in Yountville, Napa Valley.

Bardessono is dedicated to delivering the perfect luxury experience by offering complimentary Mozie bicycle rides as part of their fleet so guests can explore the charming local neighborhood and beautiful landscapes.

“Mozie Bicycles has this wonderful way of transporting you to another place and time – a place of adventure and tranquility, and a time where slowing down, taking in new sites and living in the moment is what makes life so beautiful,” said Darren Buck, CEO of Mozie Bicycles. “Giving these experiences to hotel and resort guests is what we are all about. Life can be hectic at times and that’s why we all need vacations – Mozie is here to perfect these getaways with unexpected touches of luxury.  And if guests love the bicycle as much as so many do, they have the opportunity to buy a Mozie right at the hotel to have for their very own.  What better way to relive the joy and elegance of your visit to a place like Bardessono in Napa, then to be transported back to the carefree feeling while riding your Mozie at home?”

Jim Treadway, general manager of Bardessono, added, “Mozie and Bardessono. What a great partnership. Both offer unique, quality experiences for guests and riders looking for something new, different and better than what is traditionally offered at other luxury resorts. Mozie Bicycles is the right brand for us and we’re delighted to have them here on a complimentary basis for our guests.”

Bardessono has been chosen as Mozie’s exclusive Napa Valley Partner Hotel for their dedication to creating a breathtaking luxury experience, pampering service and impeccable taste. It has its own style, providing the elegance of wine country living and peaceful relaxation. Mozie Bicycles is elated to contribute to a truly world-class, unique experience by allowing guests to explore the local scenery in supreme style, choosing between the handsome Hugo and sophisticated Carolina for their stylish ride. For guests that decide to take a piece of their vacation home, Mozie will provide stress-free delivery where the bicycle will be drop shipped straight to their door 98% assembled – requiring only the placing of pedals and adjustment of the handlebars. Guests can feel good that 5% of their purchase is donated to the Napa Valley Vine Trail.

Upon arrival to Bardessono, guests at the hotel will truly be treated to a one-of-a-kind excursion lined with luxury. Equipped with rear roller-disk brakes, an easy-to-maintain modern Shimano internal gearing system and high-tensile steel frames, Mozie allows for more control for the rider for an overall safe and smooth experience. With specially crafted Australian leather hand grips and saddles from the Buck & Wing collection, the quality and beauty exuded from the bicycles will add extra satisfaction to the ride through the city and country.

Reserve your complimentary bike ride today and Mozie on!



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