Turkey – Tour or Explore?

Sultan Ahmed Mosque



Some places in the world are best enjoyed on a tour, with someone to show you the sights and sounds, and as part of a group of people that you can meet, get to know and share the experience with. Some however are made for people to explore and discover all by themselves. In Turkey there’s a great mix to do, see and enjoy which makes it a popular destination for touring groups and lone explorers alike. But what approach should you take if you’re visiting Turkey, and where should you go?


If you’re visiting Turkey alone then you are your own master, able to explore what you want, when you want and how you want. You can roam the markets and visit the cultural hotspots of Istanbul, or get on a coach and venture further afield, whether you want to admire the tranquil beauty of Egirdir Lake, gaze upon the wonder of the fairy chimneys of Pasabag, or go back in time with a visit to the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus. If you go alone to Pasabag you’ll be able to explore the Greek village of Mustafapasa with the help of a guide who will be available upon request. You’ll often find that at many cultural spots in Turkey guides will be available to show you round and tell you more, making travelling alone to some of these spots a far more interesting proposition – ideal if you’re afraid that by going your own way you’ll be lost wherever you turn. You never know what you might find or what new friends you may come across if you leave the groups and venture out by yourself.

Taking a Tour

That said, there is much to be gained by travelling with a group on an organized tour. Your schedule will be structured for you, ideally by someone experienced and culturally aware – someone who will know where to take you and where to avoid. You’ll be among people you either know or will get to know, which ought to make it safer than venturing out without anyone. There are all sorts of different providers who have great packages on offer that you can choose from if you want to go on an organized trip with a group around Turkey. Check them out online and soon enough you could be out exploring the country’s splendid mix of ancient history and thriving nightlife, of wonders both man-made and natural, of welcoming, hospitable people at every step of your journey.


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