Jet Set Necessities: Mineral Water Spray

mineral water spray
mineral water spray



One of the hardest things about traveling is keeping your skin in tip top shape. With flights, change of weather and a variety of other factors, traveling can take a toll on your skin.

one way to conquer this is to indulge is a mineral water spray. Mineral water spray with an ultra-gentle fine mist produced by Royal Canadian Laboratories rehydrates and revives, hydrates and refreshes the upper layers of your skin. Can be used anytime, and is easily packed into your purse or carryon bag.

Mineral water has been used for years as a treatment for burns and inflammatory skin conditions as well as a source of on-the-go hydration for fashion models, travellers and people from the cosmetic industry.

With a concentration on pure, natural products, mineral water has been given more of the beauty treatment spotlight in recent years.

Other benefits of mineral water spray:

  • No preservatives or harmful additives
  • Immediate cooling effect
  • Naturally sourced
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% all natural

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