7 Places to Visit in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


Kailua-Kona Hawaii


The big island of Hawaii is one of the most unique places on the planet. Of around 25 different climates that can be found around the world, it boasts around 23 of those climates on an island that is smaller than most of the states outside of New England.

For visitors that are planning a vacation, it is similar to planning a Honolulu trip. You need to plan ahead and plan well for your hotels because there aren’t often too many alternatives if you decide that you don’t like where you are staying. One of the best ways to look ahead and find the best travel details and hotel options is to use an expert travel site that is really tuned into the local scene in each city that you visit. For hotels in Kailua Kona, a good example would be They list every option, from Holua Resort to the Four Seasons.

Once you have taken care of where you are staying, you might start considering where to go while you are there. Here are some of the most popular options:

Papakolea Green Sand Beach: It may not be the largest beach in the world, but how often do you get to visit a beach made of green sand. Located to the South of Kailua Kona near Naalehu, you might also drive a little further from here to the black sand beach where you can see the sea turtles on the sand.

Kona Coffee Country: One of the largest tourist draws on the Big Island are the coffee plantations that bring forth some of the most famous coffee on the planet. They are only a short drive from Kailua Kona- and the memory of the strength of the coffee that you buy will last a long time.

Naalehu: The southernmost town in the United States is one that should probably get your attention. It has decent restaurants and is a great jumping off point for several sight-seeing trips or nearby golf courses.

Kilauea Volcano: Although it is extinct, just driving up as far as you can and then hiking will bring you into a completely different world. The views are spectacular and the amount of days that you go from a tropical beach to a snow covered area in a couple of hours are probably going to be few.

Mauna Loa Volcano: This is probably the best-known of all volcanoes in the United States. Easily the most visited, it puts on a macabre show for everyone that peeks over the rim. You have to be somewhat careful, but every time the volcano takes away a building or two, the National Park Service is there to rebuild so that visitors can enjoy the area.

Kona Downtown: Kona has a variety of shops that feature locally made items. It is possible to buy wild boar meat as well as the latest teas, coffees, and fruits. The restaurants serve great seafood and there is also a Hawaiian Royal Park area that can be viewed inside the city.

Ka’upulehu Beach: You don’t need to stay at the nearby Four Seasons to know that Ka’upulehu is one of the top beaches in the United States. So enjoy it and explore the nearby area, which features an area where the highway actually just ends.


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