Jet Set Hair with Jose Eber


Jetsetera is proud to introduce you to one of the most acclaimed hairstylist in the city of angels, Jose Eber, spending half of his time in his main trendsetting salon in Beverly Hills.

Best known for the modern, elegant, sexy, approachable styles he creates for his prestigious clients from all over the world, including celebrities, businessman, big-names fashion houses and the hottest models of the moment.

Jose Eber elevates hairstyling to an art form. He’s had a colorful career history that extends far beyond his current projects. Since coming into his own as a celebrity hairstylist and building up a solid Hollywood clientele.

His sexy, elegant, carefree look is still the style of choice for today’s women on the go. José has also been an instrumental force in Hollywood looks that defined an era and that are classic and timeless today.

His signature look natural and free-flowing turns movie stars into timeless icons. All of whom were treated to the José Eber experience experience by José and his expert team of stylists’ and colorists’.
Now an internationally recognized icon, José has appeared on major news networks including CNBC and CNN. He has also made guest appearances on “Entertainment Tonight,” HBO’s “Entourage,” ABC’s “Good Morning America”, “Nightline” and NBC’s “Today Show”.

With two books titled: “Shake Your Head, Darling” and “Beyond Hair, The Ultimate Makeover Book,” best-selling author is another one of his many achievements. Outside of the salon, José Eber is an advocate for numerous charities including those dedicated to the well-being of women and children.

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