This is Why Sydney is One of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World



As one of Australia’s most well-known and largest cities, Sydney is all about tourism and making visitors happy. It should then come as no surprise to learn that it is one of the most wonderful honeymoon destinations in the world. From its diverse activities to its culture and amazing beaches, there are plenty of places to visit in Sydney that would make any newlywed couple happy.


1.) Sydney Harbour Bridge

This picturesque bridge offers newlyweds stunning views, especially at sunset. To get the best experience of the world’s largest steel arch bridge, couples will absolutely love the BridgeClimb: a 2-4 hour long hike that affords visitors with breathtaking, panoramic views of the Harbour, Opera house and the beautiful Sydney skyline.


2.) Sydney Harbour

Arguably the most beautiful natural harbor in the world, Sydney Harbor boasts gorgeous blue waters, scenic ferry rides and plenty of shopping nearby. The best place to view the Sydney harbor is Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. It sits high atop the peninsula and provides awe-inspiring views of the beautiful sunsets and sunrises.


3.) Visit the Opera House

The most iconic Australian feature, the Opera House is perfect for those looking for some culture on their honeymoon. The Sydney Opera House isn’t only just the most stunning performance arts center in the world- it also has a surprising number of activities inside such as shopping, restaurants and tours.


4.) Coogee Beach

No honeymoon is complete without some time spent soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach. For the best experience, skip well-known Bondi Beach in favor of Coogee Beach, if only for the fantastic snorkeling there. Other perks of Coogee over Bondi is that the water is calmer but just as spectacular, it is less crowded and has the best food in all of Australia. Another bonus? Free parking!


5.) Royal Botanic Gardens

Those looking for some nature on their honeymoon should head straight for the Royal Botanic Gardens. The colorful 74 acre property offers couples a respite from the city life and it’s located right on the beautiful harbor.


6.) Beautiful Stays

Sydney has the most gorgeous and hospitable hotels in Australia. Honeymoon packages are available at all of the best accommodations, but try the Park Hyatt Sydney for a truly decadent honeymoon. Since it sits right on the harbor, the views are incredible, the staff are delightful and the food is delectable. You must have breakfast in the hall overlooking the harbor for the most unforgettable morning moments.


7.) Take to the skies

Make your honeymoon truly unique and see Sydney from above. Sydney has numerous private charter airlines that will gladly take honeymooners to just about anywhere in Australia. Take a day trip to the unbelievable flooded Lake Eyre to see colors you never thought possible in a barren landscape. Or take a flight up to the gold coast and see the beautiful Australian reefs from the sky. Use Australian airport more enjoyable than most airports throughout the rest of the country, as well.


8.) Get Up Close and Personal with the Ocean

One of the best things to do in Sydney is scuba diving; it wouldn’t be an Australian vacation without it! The beautiful beaches, clear water and stunning reefs provide some of the best scuba diving in the world. There are scuba centers at all of the beaches in Sydney, but try to get certified before your vacation to save time.
As you can see, Sydney has a wide array of amazing activities to make your trip the best honeymoon imaginable. Take a trip down under and savor the memories that will last a lifetime!


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