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Some say that the world has only gotten smaller, but when you work to explore every nook and cranny of uncharted (and charted) territory from the seat of a motorcycle the world grows exponentially. Nothing is as freeing and liberating as packing a saddlebag, gearing up, and hitting the open road to discover a new place.  This is the adventure riders live for.  But if you’ve been riding your motorcycle for a long time to the same continental locations, you tend to feel like the roads are closing in on you. If you get this feeling, it’s time to start thinking about some new places to take your motorcycle. It’s time to start thinking globally!

For some first-rate beach riding and off-roading there’s no better place to go than the Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Fraser Island’s World Heritage rating places it on par with the Great Barrier Reef. It’s white beaches and sand cliffs are home to more than one hundred freshwater lakes. Be sure to roll up your wetsuit and stuff it in your saddlebag for a nice, relaxing break from the road. Don’t forget to check out motorcycle hire perth wa.

The Isle of Man off the coast of Great Britain is not just home to the prestigious, dangerous Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle race, it’s also an amazing vacation destination to visit with your motorcycle. Zip around the hallowed racing grounds and follow the same course as the pros, stop off at the old-times town at the island’s center for a bite and to enjoy a waterside promenade, a19nd stop off at the Church of Maughold, built on the site of a seventh-century monastery.

Patagonia along the South American coast is another stop that seems to be made for long distance bikers. With a variety of marine life and mountain life there’s always something to see. Be aware that many of the roads along the Andes are gravel, known to the locals as “ripio.” Up for the challenge?  The goal of many long-distance riders is to reach Ushuaia at the southernmost tip of South America.

One of the most elusive destinations is now available and makes for an amazing motorcycle trip for the most courageous riders. If you’re looking for something truly different, why not take a motorcycle trip and travel to the mystical Chinese city of Shangri-la? You’ll enjoy snow-capped mountains, terraced rice fields, and lush green forests. For a truly epic journey, connect a motorcycle trip to Shangri-la with one that skims the mountains of India.

If settling on any one destination is too much for you to do, start instead by picking a natural element you’d like to see and then work from there. Perhaps you want to see the Alps; throw in a tour of Belgium and German breweries and you’ve got an unforgettable motorcycle tour. Or maybe seeing the beaches of Italy from the seat of a Ducati is more your speed. No matter what you pick it’s hard to fail when you’ve got the wind blowing through your hair and the open road before you. So the next time you’re wondering where to take your motorcycle, don’t think locally, think globally!

Author: Rachel T. is a writer and blogger for Competition Accessories, a leading provider of motorcycle gear, apparel, and parts. Competition Accessories is renowned for having one of the largest collections of motorcycle helmets online.


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