Nighttime in Sydney



While tourists tend to explore a city during the day, the real fun starts at night time. You may not have a chance to take a good look at some landmarks, but so many other beautiful locations will make a Sydney tour marvellous at night. In Sydney, the fun doesn’t stop with a sunset, it only becomes more powerful and exhilarating. Therefore, enjoy your journey through Sydney at night. This lovely city has various attractions and you’ll, without a doubt, have the best time, no matter which type of entertainment you decide for.


Everyone who enjoys singing will find Karaoke night very interesting.  Not only will you have the vast choice of songs to sing, but also a privacy of your own booth. You can have a couple of beers to relax first, and start the wild night of karaoke. The Goro’s bar will ask you to leave an ID and a credit card to in case you make a mess out of a place. Make sure you reserve the booth during the day, because the place is really popular and you might miss out on some great fun.

Watch a Show

If you’re a theatre lover, The Darlinghurst Theatre Company will be your cup of tea. Catching a late night show is one of the things you should definitely check out while you’re in Sydney. Remembering Pirates, Broken, and Savages are some of the local productions they’ve been doing for the upcoming season, and you’ll definitely love it. Since the theatre is located in central Darlinghurst, there are many places where you can grab a bite before the show, and have a nightcap afterwards.

Ghost Tour

A vast choice of Sydney’s attractions includes the one a little bit darker, as well. Go back to the time of public executions, and the rule of Rock Push while taking the haunted city ghost tour. You’ll find out the slums swarming with burial pits, and search for the ghosts in this petrifying tour. You’ll get the creeps, you’ll get excited, but most of all, you’ll never forget this fantastic night in Sydney.

Open Air Cinema

If you’re in for a good movie, there’s no place like Sydney Harbour to unwind with your favourite characters. The St. George open-air cinema will provide you with an unforgettable evening. The gorgeous view that overlooks the Sydney Harbour will be a cherry on top of the fabulous evening. You could also watch a movie from the bar that’s situated in the cinema.

Visit Bars and Pubs

When you’re in a mood for a happy hour Sydney is the perfect place to enjoydelicious cocktails and drinks. With a vast choice of bars, you’ll definitely find the perfect place to fit your mood and preferences. Small bars are emerging slowly and becoming the part of Sydney’s night scene. Take an evening bar tour and visit some of the most interesting bars in Sydney. While you’re at it, make sure to visit the Cuban place that serves fabulous Mojitos. The Cuban atmosphere and delicious drinks will make your night at Sydney unforgettable.

Beer Class

If you’d like to get to know something more about real craft beer, learn how to differentiate the quality of beers, know which food to eat with beer or what glasses are suitable for serving beer, a beer class will give you information first hand. This class will help you understand the main styles qualities and flavours of beer. Since many people apply for a course every day, make sure you book it on time and have a unique Sydney experience.

Dinner Cruise

You haven’t seen anything if you didn’t go for a night cruise around SydneyHarbour. You’ll see the Opera House and the bridge from the boat and enjoy the light night breeze while cruising. Depart from DarlingHarbour and enjoy the delicious dinner and great entertainment on the boat. The cruise lasts for three hours, so it’s a great idea to organize a birthday or anniversary party on the ship as well. Not only will you enjoy great food, and drinks, but you’ll get the chance to see some of the amazing Sydney landmarks.

Escape Room

The world has completely gone crazy for this type of entertainment. Escape Rooms are the perfect way to test your mental and deductive skills and see how well you can function in a team. You’ll have 60 minutes, numerous clues, keys and combinations that will help you find your way out and solve the mystery. Gather a team, sign up and live a one-of-a kind experience you’ll always remember.

Sydney’s night scene is nothing if not versatile. In the sea of entertainment, find those that will best fit your preferences. Make sure you try out new things and live an amazing experience that will make the trip to Sydney unforgettable. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up coming back soon to engage in more exhilarating activities.


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