Four Exciting Ways To Explore New York City

Aerial view of Manhattan, New York City. USA.

New York City is one of the busiest places in the world, and the best way to appreciate the city is to check out the bright lights, stores and landmarks. There are several ways to explore the Big Apple, from renting a bicycle to sailing on a boat. The best part is every tour allows you to experience the city in a different way. Here are four exciting New York City tours to consider during your next trip.

Double Decker Bus Tour

It is always fun to explore the city from the top of a double decker tour bus. There are plenty of tours that allow you to hop on and off the bus, and this gives you complete control of your tour. You can hop off the bus to check out a specific store, restaurant or landmark. If you are still exploring the area when it is time to board, you can hop on the next bus to continue the tour. The Downtown Tour is a popular bus tour that starts and ends in Times Square, but it travels through various areas of New York City. You can hop off at spots such as Macy’s, Chinatown and The American Museum of Natural History. It should be noted that the routes through Bronx and Brooklyn are not hop on hop off tours.

Bicycle Tour

If you do not want to explore the city from a bus, then you may enjoy a scenic bicycle tour. It is a great way to get in some exercise and enjoy the weather. There are several bicycle tours that allow you to travel with a group and a guide, such as the Central Park Bike Tour, New York at Night Tour and All City Tour. If you would prefer to tour solo or with your own group, you can always rent a bicycle and give yourself a tour of the city.

Water Tours

Are you looking for an experience unlike a bus or bicycle tour? A water tour may be the type of New York City tour for you. You can check out the beautiful city as you glide across the waters of New York. One water tour that is popular among tourists is the Liberty Cruise. You are surrounded by breathtaking views as a tour guide shares historical and fun facts about the New York harbor. The tour includes a view of the Statue of Liberty, Battery Park and Manhattan Bridge.

Helicopter Tours

There is nothing like looking down at the city from the sky, and a helicopter tour is an experience you will never forget. The helicopter tours in New York include The Big Apple, New York and Private Tour. You can see Ellis Island, the One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building during The Big Apple tour. The New York tour includes the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Chrysler Building. You can also see New Jersey sights such as the skyline and Metlife Stadium. You are sure to enjoy gazing at Governors Island, the Woolworth and Hudson River during your private helicopter tour.

You never want to leave the Big Apple without taking in the sights and sounds of the city. Whether you are hopping on a bus or flying in a helicopter, you are sure to enjoy the many tours of New York City.


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