What Type of Traveller are you?


There are few things in life better than travel. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a long-awaited holiday, or a trip across the world, everyone enjoys travelling. Still, different travellers have different travelling styles, which ultimately determines their travel expectations. Check out the most common travel personalities, and you just might find the type of traveller you are.

The Organizer

In the world of travel, Organizers are pretty handy to have when travelling in a group.Sometimes, they are travel bloggers.  They are the ones who have done the research – brushed up on guidebooks, figured out the metro stations, checked out the exchange rates, even asked around for the locals’ choice of places to eat. Mind you, they are a bit controlling. Creating a detailed travel itinerary, safely stored in a colourful spreadsheet, can be a great way to squeeze the most out of your destination. However, it doesn’t leave much room for impulse or personal choice, especially if it means ditching the Organizer’s thought-out plan.

The Conformist

The Conformist has a symbiotic relationship with the Organizer. This type of traveller often accepts the plan, even if it means missing out on some things they wish to see. Taking the time to think about your travels translates into more work, and it’s far less tedious to let someone else figure out the details, instead. This leads Conformists to choose a predictable destination according to the daily menu at the travel agency, and conform to the whim of their fellow travellers.

The Wanderer

All Wanderers need is a map, and sometimes not even that! They are the spontaneous, go-with-the-flow bunch waiting for an adventure to find them. Wanderers listen to their inner travel voice when choosing a destination, and once they arrive they like getting lost. They will be the ones who stumble upon famous landmarks, like the Eifel Tower, yet find the cosiest or cheapest café on Montmartre. This is just how they roll. Therefore, it is no surprise that Wanderers are the best judge of character, both of what they want and their destination.

The Nomad

Nomads are wanderlusters, who live to travel. They hop from destination to destination, often by putting their thumb up and hitching a ride. Without the restrictions of home, Nomads have all they need tucked away in their backpack. They also have no trouble occasionally sleeping at train stations, camping, and are well-versed in the art of couchsurfing. Funding whatever adventure comes along means Nomads regularly work during travel, or make their travels their work by becoming travel bloggers.

The Budgeter

Most travellers like to stick to a budget, but Budgeters take it to a brand new level. With no cents to spare, you can see Budgeters taking free walking tours, cooking during their holiday and visiting entrance fee free landmarks and events. However, Budgeters have a knack for finding the cheapest offer. Be it plane tickets to Tahiti, finding used caravans for sale for their next road trip in Australia, or haggling at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Budgeters will always travel at the best bargain.


Money is no obstacle when it comes to traveling like a High-Flyer. Since that’s the case, High-Flyers have only three things in mind: luxury, comfort and style. Their YOLO mindset means they always travel first class, stay at five star hotels, and dine in extravagant restaurants. However, this doesn’t mean they are picky about their destinations, since you can easily find High-Flyers at a Michelin star restaurant in France, or glamping in the Serengeti.

So, what type of traveller are you? If your answer contains more than one type – that’s awesome! After all, these are only half-truths. The real truth is that the way you travel determines explorations, discoveries and experiences on your trips, turning your travels into your own personal lifetime adventures.



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