The Best Thailand Honeymoon Vacation Villas


If you really want to go to a place for your honeymoon that could be everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more, and something you could treat your special someone too that you know they would love, you will find just that if you book a honeymoon suite in Thailand. You probably had no idea that this country has as beautiful a landscape as it does at its villas. Well you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you book one of these honeymoon villas in Thailand.


Rayavadee Hotel In Krabi With Beach Villas

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The Rayavadee Hotel has magnificent rooms to enjoy, including several beachfront villas. Certainly the trip to Thailand is long and you may feel jet lag when you get off the plane, so that’s why the villa’s masseuses are ready to offer you one of the most soothing, relaxing massages for two when you get there. Once you land in Krabi, you’ll be given a boat ride to this beautiful place and once you arrive there, you’ll be entering a paradise that you could write a whole book describing during your time there. You can go out on the beach and see the sparkling ocean water, take a guided snorkeling or scuba diving tour, or sit back and relax while seeing monkeys in the trees having fun. And as a little thank you for staying here, you’ll get a gift of specially-made shampoos conditioners, salt, body scrub oil, and Yai-Buab.


Beach Republic At Koh Samui

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Located a short 2 minute walk from the paradisal Lamai Beach, Beach Republic is the perfect getaway for couples looking for a luxurious and relaxing honeymoon destination or unforgettable beach wedding. With your choice of a private pool villa, stunning pool penthouse (both complete with salt water-free pools) or the superb spacious suites adorned with modern furnishings, Beach Republic is an experience all its own. Celebrate with your sweetheart by indulging in relaxing spa treatments, professional Thai massages or by enjoying the afternoon lounging at Beach Republic’s deluxe outdoor pool overlooking the glittering sea. The friendly staff of Beach Republic provide an attention to detail other resorts tend to overlook and will ensure that your honeymoon or beach wedding is even more perfect than you could ever dream it to be.


The Keemala At Phuket

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When you visit this luxury hotel on Thailand’s Phuket Island, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of your surroundings if you book a Birds Nest villa at Keemala. This place will give you a Thailand private pool villa honeymoon that you won’t forget as you’ll have a Jacuzzi to sit and soak in, and a bar right next to the pool for when you want to sip a cocktail. Massage treatments are done in little outdoor huts that have the look of old ancient villages, and fine dining can be had at a pavilion restaurant serving some of the most exotic Thai gourmet meals. If that wasn’t enough, this hotel offers rides to and from the Phuket Airport. Some local attractions you may want to go see are Paradise Beach, one of the most picturesque guided tours you can take in the area, Bang Pae Waterfall, or a zip line ride over the treetops of Kathu forest.


The Scent Hotel At Koh Samui

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The Scent Hotel is a little more down to earth in its appearance, but if you like a little more old fashioned style in a villa to go with the modern on a beach front, this is a great villa for you to stay at. And it lives up to its name with the smells throughout the resort of sweet aromas of plants and incense. Some suites have balconies overlooking the beaches and palm trees, and you’ll find some exquisite Thai arts and potteries in the rooms. This villa is right on the beachfront so you can walk down any time, or take a cocktail to sip on your recliner right next to the pool. Activities in the surrounding areas include kayaking, visiting the village of Chaweng to buy souvenirs from the local shops, or tasting of Thai seafood dishes at local restaurants such as Samui Seafood Grill & Restaurant or Sea Wrap.


Krabi’s Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

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A Krabi honeymoon villa you’ll be sure to want to see is the Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve. At this resort, you’ll see the sea and the islands in it unfold before your eyes when you step out the door. If you’re lucky and really want to do it up well, the Royal Andaman Sea Villa at this resort has it all from an outdoor hot bath and a rooftop view of the scenery. During the day, you can partake in yoga classes, go on a guided tour through the surrounding jungle, or go play golf. You can even ride in an authentic Thai longboat to Hong Island if you and that special someone want to go on a honeymoon picnic there.


The Sarojin At Phang Nga

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If you’re really looking for that dreamy place you could only imagine in books or see in the movies, the Sarojin at Phang Nga would be it. Next to the ocean and with a green pool that has recliners surrounded by white curtains, the scenery is as magical as it gets. With rooms that have couples bathtubs in the bathrooms and some of the most soothing white textures on the furniture and nice wood floors, this villa gives you it all. During the day you should go out and sea the ocean life in a scuba dive, or go into the little villages of Khao Lak to see the shops. This secluded resort is highly recommended for an extra romantic honeymoon.


Your honeymoon should be everything that your special someone would enjoy and Thailand ranks among the top locations for honeymoon destination ideas. The luxury resort prices range anywhere from the hundreds of dollars to the thousands per night, so you don’t have to have the most expensive budget to enjoy Thailand. But make sure you have enough to venture out beyond the walls of the resort and get a good feel for Thailand’s romantic countryside and towns.


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