Meet Sam Selim

It is immediately obvious what Sam is so eloquently trying to do in this book! And he amazingly succeeds at doing it, in such a way that keeps you reading on. What he so blatantly does, is punch traditionally accepted mainstream “Mantras” right on the chin.

You realize that he is rough, yet refined, motivated, yet centered. He leaves no chance for an 8-count, and he bares all, leaving nothing to the imagination. Sam Selim, a veteran seller in technology corporate world, has obviously lived it – and won, with heart, soul and mind! The book is a result of 28-years of self-analysis, before and after every business encounter, through genuine and disciplined journal entries, of plans, ideas, thoughts, and insights into the customers mind, goals and desires.

Sam mentions the “Jerry Maguire” moment – the point in time, where one suddenly realizes that the sum of all of their experiences, has opened the lid to something more enormous, meaningful, longer lasting and genuine. The point in time where everything gains definition, purpose and a synergy of momentum. This book is sure to be the Selling Professionals “Tipping Point”.

He speaks to you as if you were sitting next to him on a log, with a bonfire, drinking dark cowboy coffee – with big open sky and every star now visible. This is the book that many will scribble in, dog ear several pages – and carry around.

The book is very well written, structured and organized, yet never really seems like a text book, or a non-fiction manual, as he skillfully intertwines poetic truth, with Chairman of the board confidence and assertion. He crosses a line that we never knew was there, and extends his hand out, to help us navigate our way with him. The book leaves no cracks in the armor – as it is rooted in actual and real experiences, and not from an observation or research study. The realizations that happen in this book are almost constant. The best way to describe this book, is that you start off expecting the same old Ra-Ra Salesy read, only to find that you were just properly schooled, and leaving you totally appreciative that you were. Definitely a must read, anywhere and at any time you find the opportunity.


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