Secret Marvels of the World

Did you know there’s a rainbow-colored national park in China, or an island overrun by poisonous snakes in Brazil? How about a warehouse of lost luggage in Alabama, or crystal caves in Chihuahua?

From abandoned amusement parks to crooked forests, underwater museums to crawling rocks, Lonely Planet’s Secret Marvels of the World: 360 Extraordinary Places You Never Knew Existed and How to Find Them (Lonely Planet / $24.99 / August 15, 2017) showcases the most mysterious, mesmerizing and bizarre spots on Earth.
For the adventurous and interminably curious, Secret Marvels of the World is a compendium of the planet’s weirdest, most wonderful and intriguing sights that have to be seen to be believed.
Before you indulge in lists like the Top 10 Most Bizarre Disaster Sites, Unsettling Hotels and Tremendous Toilets, check out some sneak peak images here:
ZIPAQUIRA, COLOMBIA – FEBRUARY 3, 2015: Marble and salt sculptures at underground Salt Cathedral Zipaquira built within the multicolored tunnels from a mine.



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