Author Interview: Maria Murnane

Author Interview: Maria Murnane

We had the pleasure of reading bestselling author and Brooklyn local Maria Murane’s new book Bridges: A Daphne White Novel (Wink’s Ink, April 2017). A story set in New York City, the book weaves a tale of long-term friendship between three women with the travels of New York City.

From strolling along the Brooklyn Bridge to walking the famous floors of Bergdorf’s on Fifth Ave. to lunching at the Boathouse – a Manhattan treasure – Bridges centers on struggling novelist Daphne White who never thought she’d see the day when her globe-trotting friend Skylar would settle down and get engaged. Along with their friend KC, the fun-loving trio come together for a weekend in New York City to celebrate. As the trip unfolds, truths about each woman emerge, along with tears. And laughter. And love. Here’s to the power of female friendship. We sat down with Maria to talk life, her book and inspiration.


How did you get into your profession?

The way I became an author is a little crazy. One day I quit my PR job and went to Argentina by myself for what was supposed to be a two-week vacation. Instead I ended up staying for a year to play semi-pro soccer for River Plate. While I was down there I decided to write a novel, which was something I’d always dreamed of doing. Fast-forward a few years, and now I’ve written eight novels and am in the process of adapting one of them into a screenplay. (!)


What does a day in the life look like for you?

Each day is different depending on what I’m working on, but every morning I make coffee and read the New York Times while I wake up. It takes me a while to get moving. I’m definitely not one of those writers who wakes up at the crack of dawn. I wish I were!


What is the inspiration behind your work?

I love telling stories that make people laugh.


What is your mission?

To be happy. If we’re not happy, what is the point?


How do you ground yourself?

Writing can be lonely and stressful. Whenever I get down, I look at my bookshelf and see all the books I’ve written. That always makes me feel better because it’s a reminder of how hard I’ve worked and what I’ve been able to accomplish.


What’s your life motto?

I don’t really have a motto, but I try to emulate my parents’ approach to life. They are truly kind people, both to each other and to everyone they encounter. Their positive attitude is contagious.


Do you have a mantra?

No, but when I’m stuck in a packed subway train, crowded stadium line,, etc. I close my eyes and breathe deeply as if I were in a yoga class. That really helps mellow me out.



What inspires you?

Reading emails from fans! I’ve received many from women who said they woke their husbands up because they were laughing so hard reading my books in bed.


What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Keep writing.


Who is the one person you wish would read your novel?   

Reese Witherspoon. That would be a dream come true.




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