Coffee, Chocolate & Cocktails in Costa Rica

Photo: Aromatic coffee cupping; Credit Shutterstock

Luxury travel experts Zicasso’s have launched a new Coffee, Chocolate & Cocktails Tour of Costa Rica itinerary, leaving coffee lovers marveling at visiting some of the most coveted coffee regions in the world, including Heredia, Monteverde and the prized area of Tarrazú. 

These coffee beans are among the most expensive in the world and are grown for world champion baristas and coffee cuppers (the sommeliers of the coffee world). Embrace the pinnacle of coffee passion and cultivation by visiting organic coffee plantations and micro-mills as well as learning the evolving ways that coffee is being produced and enjoyed.

Chocolate lovers will relish the chance to privately tour a cocoa bean plantation, sugar cane plantation and dairy farm, learning how to craft the rich dark chocolate that is another of Costa Rica’s famed assets. As a further treat, travelers will have the chance to meet with talented baristas who specialize in the mixology of coffee, using locally sourced beans to make not only espressos and cappuccinos but also concoctions of coffee-infused cocktails in the most innovative ways!

Highlights Include:

  • Visit premium organic coffee plantations across Costa Rica and observe the coffee production process, from picking to drying to roasting;
  • Discover a selection of micro-mills in Tarrazú to better understand the unique properties of the region producing Costa Rica’s most coveted coffee, sought after by world champion baristas and coffee cuppers;
  • Gain insight into the cultivation of the ingredients ubiquitous with coffee consumption by visiting a sugar cane plantation, spice farm and a dairy farm;
  • Bathe in the mineral rich thermal springs of Arenal naturally, heated by the volcanic activity;
  • Uncover the history of coffee in the Americas and its contemporary market before learning to craft and taste rich dark chocolate directly from the source;
  • Meet baristas specializing in the mixology of coffee, utilizing locally sourced beans to make espresso, cappuccino, and cocktails highlighting coffee flavor;
  • Explore sensational beauty at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, heightened by the Butterfly Observatory, Bird Sanctuary, and Hummingbird Gardens;
  • Visit a spice plantation for insight into the cultivation of the favored seasonings across the globe, including vanilla, cinnamon, and black pepper;
  • Delight in a coffee break with waterfall hikes and guided treks to view the captivating diurnal and nocturnal wildlife of Costa Rica;

This 12-day customizable itinerary begins at $3,521 per person, double*, for the deluxe package that includes accommodation in excellent 4-star hotels, daily breakfasts, private coffee and chocolate plantation tours and tastings, private spice farm and dairy farm tours, private jeep and boat tour of Arenal, private La Paz Waterfall Gardens tour, private Manuel Antonio National Park tour, all private airport transfers and 24/7 travel concierge service. International airfare is not included. *An upgraded premier package is also available, beginning at $4,157 per person, double.

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