Sites/Apps to Use When Moving Abroad


If you’re taking the plunge and moving to a different country, first of all, well done! It’s a big step and a brave thing to do!

In this digital age there are so many websites and apps that can make the move go a little smoother for you, and help you settle into your new environment, like learning a new language and meeting new people. Here are some websites and apps that could help you in the lead up to moving day, and also to provide support long after you’ve settled in. Good luck!


Shiply – A website that helps you find a delivery driver for all sorts of things, and also helps you find a removal service, including international shipping. In the lead up to the move, take a look on Shiply and get free quotes for moving your things across countries. Once you’ve received some quotes and decided on a transport provider, accept a quote and off you go.


Duolingo – A fantastic app for learning a new language, and it’s completely free! Just choose which language you want to learn and how often you’d like to practice. The app has been gamified so you keep wanting to come back for more so you end up getting better and better! Once you’ve finished the basic course, there are other apps like Tandem and Babbel that can take your language skills even further, like talking with native speakers.


MeetUp – To help you find like-minded people everywhere, meetup is full of (you guessed it) meetups, where groups meet for all sorts of reasons, so just search for what you’re looking for and you’re likely to find a meetup for it: ‘British people living in Paris’, for example, or ‘Harry Potter club in Florida’! You’ll be able to find language groups to help with conversing in your new language, or you’ll find a group from your home country if you want!


Ex-pat Forums – There are loads of forums online which act as a platform for sharing information and connecting with people that have made the jump to a new country just like you. You can use the forums to ask for help from experienced people before, during and after your move. You’ll have a support network for any questions you need answering and you can share your own experiences too!


Are you an expat? Do you have any resources to recommend?



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