Exclusive Interview: Author, Personal Development & Model Coach Jennie Lynn

Name: Jennie Lynn

City: Boston, MA

Occupation: #1 best-selling Author, Nurse, Personal Development Coach, sales/marketing expert, pro model/pro bodybuilder, relationship expert

Bio: Jennie Lynn is a relationship expert, a transformation coach, mentor, speaker, professional model, champion triple pro natural bodybuilder, and author of #1 best-selling book “Magnetic Love – Stop Chasing What You Want, Start Attracting It”. She is also a franchise owner of Viridian/Travel light, providing money saving sustainable solutions to consumers in the areas of renewable energy and travel. She serves both individuals and businesses globally in the areas of leadership, rapid goal acceleration, self-image, finances, health/fitness, & relationships. She and her husband are among the top global consultants empowering the world with legendary thought leader Bob Proctor.

Travel Style: Tropical Adventure

Favorite Destination: Bahamas but I have a feeling my trip to Hawaii next June will be the vacation of a lifetime!

Necessary luxury: organic food

3 Travel Things You Can’t Live Without: my rice cooker/steamer, ample phone chargers, a water filter



What does travel mean to you? I am in love with nature and the more I get to see the beauty of the world and capture those sights in my mind to experience over and over, that is one of life’s greatest treasures. One of my favorite indulgences is to explore and seek adventure in life with my soul mate. It amazes me the way travel has evolved over the centuries so that in a matter of hours I can be anywhere in the world!

One of your guilty pleasures? I love coconut butter and peanut butter!

What does luxury mean to you? When I think of the word Luxury, I think of paradise, privilege, and relaxation. The very best of something and a step above the rest.

Your favorite luxury item: My fiancé

Your favorite travel story: One time on a Friday, my parents and I were heading to the airport to go down to South Carolina for my sister’s wedding which was the next day. It was an early morning flight so we didn’t think it would be too crowded but my mother is habitually late so we had a late start. When we arrived, we had just about an hour before our gate closed and the lines were longer than we had ever seen and there was no way we would make it through on time. Through our despair, a savvy customer service rep said she had an idea so she put my dad in a wheelchair and rushed him to the front of the line. My parents were allowed through but unfortunately, I was not. I had to beg my way through the lines and just as I got through security my mother called me and told me I had better run or else they will shut the door, so I sprinted to the gate and made it just in time. It was nerve wrecking to say the least, but we made it down to my sister’s wedding which was right on Myrtle Beach. We were so thankful to the swift thinking of that customer service rep who helped us make it!!

Your best travel tip: people love to save money with travel and why not save the planet and the world at the same time? See how here



How do you destress in stressful situations? I meditate and be mindful, I respond instead of react and focus on my attitude which is really the only thing I have control over. I don’t let my emotions spiral out of control and I always look for the good in any situation. I always repeat my mantra to master the art of remaining calm.

You have been a holistic nurse, tomboy turned pro model, 3x worldwide natural Pro bodybuilder, Personal Development Coach and Author. How did one thing lead to another? I started off as a nurse in 2010 and being an athlete my whole life, someone introduced me to competitive bodybuilding which I started in 2012. I became a professional model during that time once I earned Pro status as a competitor. I did bodybuilding until about 2016 at which time I met my soul mate and started my very first business franchise endeavor in renewable energy and Travel. I simultaneously retired from the stage to pursue business and travel more. In December of 2016 I met Bob Proctor and my fiancé and I were invited to work with him as a global certified consultants and at that time I also had the inspiration to write a book. I spent the early months of 2017 both writing and marketing the book and then I began to do sales and transformation coaching for Anik Singal as I started doing email/affiliate marketing. I left the nursing profession in March if 2017 to become a full time entrepreneur and really give all my energy and focus to these endeavors. One thing really did lead to another and I have to thank my fiancé Brian for believing in me and showing me that there was so much more to life and I am so grateful we are full time partners in everything.

Life Motto: The most important thing in life is to have a good attitude.


One thing you want to be remembered for: I think out of all the things I have done, my book, Magnetic Love-Stop Chasing What You Want, Start Attracting It, not only has the greatest capacity to help people and is something I am deeply proud of, but I experienced the deepest transformation of my life which writing it that I was able to share and I hope others can emulate. I think this is the best legacy I can leave to mankind.


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