5 Tips for Finding Affordable Flights to 2018’s Top Travel Destinations


If you are a travel buff, there is a great deal to look forward to in 2018. The future of travel includes exciting innovations such as technological advancements, one-touch flight booking, and improvements in creature comforts that can help make traveling more pleasant than ever. However, if saving money on visiting 2018’s top travel destinations is a priority for you, there are a few strategies you can employ to find the most affordable flights, no matter where your next great travel adventure awaits you.


1.      Use a Flight Fare Tracking App


One major roadblock to finding the most affordable airline flights is the constant fluctuations in price. A variety of factors can affect the cost of an airline flight, from which days you want to travel to the time of year you plan to fly, and whether the airline has filled all their flights. However, you can overcome these constant shifts in price by downloading a tracking app on your phone.


Using one of these apps can keep you updated when prices drop on flights to destinations you want to visit. For example, if you want to visit Europe this summer for a riverboat cruise that includes a variety of onboard activities, you can monitor airfare prices automatically and set alerts that make finding flights for this popular 2018 vacation destination stress-free.


2.      Become a Savvy Shopper


Exotic locales such as China and Latin America are on the list for 2018 vacation trends, where many adventures surely await you. If visiting these vacation hot spots are top on your travel agenda for the upcoming year, then it may help you find affordable flights by becoming a savvy shopper. Take the time to learn about when airline deals are most likely to become available, which days new deals are most likely to hit airline websites, (usually on Tuesdays,) and subscribe to daily deal emails across a variety of airlines.


Being in the know about when and where affordable flights are most likely to become available can help you be a more confident shopper, including monitoring airlines outside the United States. For example, Canadian-based Nanak Flights, which is affiliated with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario and the International Air Transport Association, offers ticketing authority on a wide variety of airlines and affordable flights to some of the world’s top vacation destinations.


3.      Plan Your Trip Early


While some airline deals show themselves at the last minute, it is wise to plan your trip as early as possible, especially if you plan to fly overseas. Tracking flights over the course of weeks or even months might yield the best deal for visiting 2018’s trending travel destinations, such as Ireland and Scotland. Even if you have planned dates tentatively, it is never too early to start comparing prices at major airline sites and travel apps.


One advantage to planning your vacation early is that you may be able to find package deals that bundle airfare, hotel, and car rental costs. If you are willing to be flexible about when you travel, especially during off season, you might be able to save a considerable amount of money on the total cost of your trip.


4.      Consider Departing from an Alternate Location


If you live in a border town, you might consider looking at flights that depart from a different country. Flights out countries such as Canada and Mexico may not only be more affordable, they may offer flights to places such as Paris, Australia, and Rome, where traveling with family to discover one’s roots and ancestry will be a popular theme for travel in 2018.


Using the Nanak Flights website can help you find cheap flights that leave from a variety of major Canadian cities. Not only does this site offer a superior user interface and a quick, responsive service, it includes a variety of informative thematic sections, including free travel guides and hotel information. Departing from Canada can help you find deals that may not be available on other travel sites.


5.      Go Incognito to Search for Flights


Using the incognito search option on your computer can yield new deals each time you use it. Most airlines use cookies to track your searches, which means if you are logged in, you may not be offered deals that first-time searchers may be able to see. Using the incognito function may help you see the lowest fare prices each time you search.


Adventures all over the world await you in 2018, from river cruises to discovering ancient lands. However, knowing a few tricks that might yield affordable airfare can help make your vacation even more enjoyable.



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