7 Travel Tips for Couples

By Chandrama Anderson, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1.    It’s an adventure. Enjoy and be flexible. Some things will go as planned, others won’t. Don’t stress; take it as it comes, kindly and graciously (to all around you).

2.    Create an itinerary that works for both of you. It may consist of things you do together as well as certain things you do individually because that’s what’s most enjoyable. Be clear what each of you wants from the trip.

3.    Create a realistic budget—then double it. That way if you miss a flight or run into an issue you’ve got it covered.

4.    Divide and conquer—based on each person’s talents and desires, e.g., have one person check in while the other deals with luggage. Don’t put all the work on one person.

5.    Know and communicate your emotional states and limits. Traveling is fun and also can be out of your comfort zone. Know when to ask for a break or have your partner take over. Create a special word that means you’re having an emotional state (could be stress, trepidation, exhaustion, or even that you need food to get through what’s next). That word signals your partner in a calm and quiet way that you need care.

6.    If one is more familiar with a place, is it okay for that partner to lead more? Talk it over.

7.    As with everything else for couples (and people), it’s all about communication. Get curious. Realize that one person’s intention with words or actions may have an impact on the other that’s not expected. Ask questions. Use humor. Gain clarity. Don’t assume. Be kind. Don’t forget, you’re fortunate to have the ability and resources to travel.

8.    I know, this is supposed to be 7 tips: Have fun!!


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