*=Things I have DONE!

+See the Fjords.*

+Survive in the wilderness.*

+Fly fish for salmon in Alaska.*

+Feed sharks in Tahiti.*

+Feed a monkey.*

+Stay in a haunted house.*

+Buy a house.

+Touch an iceberg.*

+Climb a mountain.*

+Pan for gold.*

+Kayak in a Bioluminescent Bay.*

+Stay up all night and watch the sunrise.*

+Ride a roller coaster.*

+Visit the Grand Canyon.*

+Go scuba diving.*

+Go on a midnight walk on the beach.*

+Milk a cow.*

+Make snow ice cream.*

+Learn to drive a stick shift.*

+Serendipity sundae in NYC.*

+Hike all of Cinque Terre in Italy.*

+Have an original Bellini from Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy.*

+Be interviewed for a radio show.*



+Hike on a glacier.*

+Attend a professional football game.*

+Visit a nude beach.

+Disney World as a VIP.*

+See a traditional Chinese Opera.*

+Get flowers for no reason.*

+Drive faster than 100 mph.*

+Ride a horse.*

+Go deep sea fishing.*

+Go on a blind date.*

+Fly in a helicopter.*

+Fly first class.*

+Fly first class to Europe.*

+Fly first class to Asia.*

+See a play on Broadway.*

+Ride Camels in the Gobi desert.*

+Ride an elephant.

+Plant a tree in Israel.*

+Receive fan mail.*

+Get hypnotized.*

+Get a tattoo.*

+Whale watching.*

+Shoot a gun.*

+Sand Sled.*

+Snow Sled.*

+Scuba Dive.*

+Snow Ski.*


+Be part of a flash mob.*

+Be Published.*

+Be on the cover of a magazine.*

+Be on the cover of a magazine for something other than being a model.*

+Be a Bridesmaid.*

+Attend an art gallery opening.*

+Attend a wine makers dinner.*

+Attend a random seminar.*

+Attend a murder mystery dinner.

+Attend the Westminster Dog Show in NYC.

+Interview a celebrity.*

+Drive across country.*

+Visit tourist attractions in my own town.*

+Do charity work in a foreign country.*

+Stay on a private island.*

+Go on a cruise.*


+New Zealand.*

+South of France.*


+Stay at The Armani Hotel Dubai.*

+Burj al Arab.*


+Climb the Great Wall of China. In a dress.*

+See Jerusalem.*

+See Mt. Fuji.*

+Travel the Silk Road of China.*



+Fall in love.*

+Walk the red carpet at a movie premiere.*

+Throw a successful cocktail party.*

+Be in a beauty pageant.*

+Win a beauty pageant.*

+Judge a beauty pageant.*

+Go on a safari in Africa.

+See the Xian Terracotta Warriors.*

+Spend a weekend in Vegas like a high roller.*

+Drink a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby.

+Sun Valley, Idaho.*

+Visit the Taj Mahal.

+Visit all 50 States.

+Visit all of Central America.

+Celebrate the 4th of July outside of the US.*

+Have Brazilian BBQ in Brazil.*

+Shuck oysters.*

+Take a trapeze class.*

+Hunt for truffles.

+Eat lobster in Maine.

+Attend a yachting race.*

+Go to Mardi Gras.






+Pike Place market in Seattle.*

+Eiffel Tower.*


+Have my picture published in a newspaper.*

+Design a website.*

+Be a mentor.*

+Be a piece of art work.*

+Be a game show contestant.*

+Touch a famous piece of artwork.*

+Meet Bill Gates.*

+Meet Donald Trump.*

+Meet Richard Branson. 

+Have a maid.*

+Collect something.*

+Try Absinthe.*


+Visit the Playboy Mansion.*

+Take a road trip.*

+Take a press trip.*

+Take a girls trip.*

+Read a book before the movie.*

+Tour a lighthouse.*

+Tour Ann Frank’s house in Amsterdam.*

+Hearst Castle.

+See a foreign film.*

+Pay the toll for the person behind me.

+Smoke a cigar.*

+Start a blog.*

+Visit a castle.*

+Smoke a hookah.*

+Join a book club.*

+Join Big Brothers/Big Sisters.*

+Inspire someone.*

+Be a muse.*

+Have a dedication to me in a book.*

+Do a reality show.*

+Get a tattoo.*

+Get Married.

+Go on a honeymoon.

+Watch a movie in 3D.*

+See Cirque du Soleil.*

+Drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible.*

+Play in a blackjack tournament.*

+Win a writing award.*

+Learn a martial art.*

+See the Northern Lights.*

+Sleep in a converted convent in Guatemala.*

+Float in the Dead Sea.*

+See the Amazon Rain Forest.*

+Stomp on grapes at a winery.

+Petra, Jordan.*

+Have dinner with a celebrity.*

+Have a speaking role in a film.*

+Run a 5k for charity. *

+Shop in an open air market in Istanbul.*

+See Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” and “Mona Lisa”.*

+See Michaelangelo’s “David” in Italy.*

+See the Dali Lama.

+Go on a cruise.*

+Be in 3 countries in one day.*

+Write a book.*

+Rescue an animal.*

+Teach English in a foreign country.*

+Sleep under the stars.*

+Sleep in a tepee.*

+Shop at Harrod’s in London.*

+Shop Rodeo Drive.*

+Shop 5th Avenue in New York.*

+Ride in a hot air balloon.*

+Invent something.

+Own a company.*

+Visit every continent.

North America, South America, Asia,Europe, done.

Australia, Africa, Antarctica, next.

+Stay in an over water bungalow in Bora Bora.*

+See the red prawns on Vatulele Island.*

+Have a Philly Cheesesteak in Philly.*




+Turks and Caicos.

+Go on a hike in a rainforest.*

+Visit the Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre, Notre Dame and Musee d’ Orsay in Paris.*

+Visit St. Tropez in the summer season.*

+Sail the Greek islands.*

+Watch a live concert in the Acropolis.*

+Explore the Italian Riviera.*

+Take a cooking class.*

+Take a meditation class.*

+Art of Living.*

+Produce a short film.*

+Ride a gondola in the canals of Venice.*

+See flamenco dancing in Madrid, Spain.*

+Indulge in Amsterdam’s street cafes and their goods.*

+St. Moritz.

+Stay the night in an Ice Hotel.

+See a tango in Argentina.*

+See the Roman ruins of Ephesus Turkey.*

+Visit a mosque.*

+See the covered bazaar, blue mosque and Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.*

+Statue of Liberty.*

+Drive on the beach.*

+Dance on a bar.*

+See an opera.*

+Name a star.

+Sing karaoke.*

+Go to a book signing.*

+Adopt a dog.*

+Hold a koala bear.

+Raise over $1,000 for a charity.*

+Have my palm read.

+See a psychic.*

+Try different exotic foods. (Antelope, Moose, Kangaroo,Alligator,Boar,Goat,Deer).*

+Jump on hotel beds across the world.*

+Visit amazing islands; Bora Bora, Santorini, Vatuele.*

+See the Iditarod in Alaska.*

+Red Square, Moscow, Russia.

+Sufi Whirling Dervishes in action.*

+Be amazed by the Grand Canyon.*

+Stay in historic Hotel del Coronado.*

+Visit Kennedy Space Center.*

+Host an exchange student.*

+Have dinner with a monk. 

+Have dinner at Thomas Kellers’ Per Se in New York.*

+Key West.*

+Try famous bi-coastal restaurants; Joe’s Stone Crab, Il Mulino, Tao.*

+Have ribs from famous spots: Jack’s in Nashville, Dreamland BBQ in Alabama and Jim N Nick’s in Alabama.*

+Sedona, Arizona.*

+Martha’s Vineyard.


+Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.*

+The National Mall and Monuments.*

+Whistler-Blackcomb Ski Resort.*

+Play ice hockey.*

+Learn to tie a fly for fly fishing.*

+Times Square.*

+Niagara Falls.*

+Iguazu Falls.*


+Panama Canal.*

+Monte Carlo.*

+Copacabana Palace Hotel, Brazil.*

+Easter Island, Chile.


+Punta Del Este.*


+Have an authentic New York City corner hot dog.*

+See a concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

+See Ground 0 in New York.*

+Stand in the Tiananmen Square in China.*

+See the stars at the Griffith Observatory.*

+Walk down an active volcano.*

+Amsterdam in the spring time.*

+Take a trolley ride in San Francisco.*

+Wine tasting in Napa Valley.*

+Swim with the dolphins.

+The Smithsonian.

+Tate Modern in London, The Louve in Paris, El Prado in Madrid, The Met in New York.*

+Indoor skydive.*

+Dinner at French Laundry.

+Campanile grilled cheese Thursdays in Los Angeles.*

+Thursday night Turtle races in Los Angeles.

+Go to a Lakers game in a suite.*

+See a baseball game at Dodger Stadium.*

+See a baseball game at Yankee Stadium.*

+Sea World.*

+Cannes Film Festival.

+Sundance Film Festival.

+Join the Travelers Century Club.

+Kennedy Space Center.*

+Jose Andres’ minibar in Washington, DC.

+Try every Michelin-starred restaurant ever in LA. (Done = Joe’s, Matsuhisa, Providence, Saddle Peak Lodge, Sona, Valentino, Water Grill, Melisse, Osteria Mozza, Spago, La Botte, Bastide, CUT, Ortalan). Left are Asanebo, Dining Room at the Ritz, Gordon Ramsey, Hatfield’s, Mori Sushi, Patina, Tattoria Tre Venezie and Erasawa.

+Try every Michelin-starred restaurant in NY. (Done= Per Se, Jean Georges, L’Atelier de Joel Robouchon, Gramercy Tavern, Casa Mono, Junoon, Gilt, Ai Fiori, Cafe Boulud, Del Posto, The Modern, Oceana, Marea,Minetta Tavern, Eleven Madison Park). Need to try: Daniel, Le Bernadin, Danny Brown Wine Bar, Corton, Gordon Ramsey, Kajitsu, Sho, Soto, A Voce Columbus, A Voce Madison, Alain Ducasse, Aldea, Annisa, Aureole, Blue Hill, Bouley, Brushstroke, Dovetail, Gotham Bar & Grill, Marc Forgione, Picholine, Public, River Cafe, Rosanjin, Rouge Tomato, Saul, Seasonal, Sushi of Gari, Tamarind, Tulsi, Veritas, Wallse, wd50, Yakitori Tori Shin).

+See the 7 wonders of the modern world (Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge, Panama Canal done. Next: CN Tower/Toronto, Itaipu Dam in South America, Delta Works in the Netherlands and Channel Tunnel linking UK and France).

+See the 7 wonders of the Medieval World (Great Wall of China and Hagia Sophia done. Next up: Stonehenge, Colosseum in Rome, Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa in Egypt, Porcelain Tower of Nanjing in China and Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy).

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