Top 5 Most Romantic Proposal Destinations

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If you want to impress the lady in your life, nothing beats a destination proposal. The sparkle of a diamond paired with a scenic place can make the proposal distinctive and absolutely unforgettable. Still, if you thought sifting through unique engagement rings was difficult, picking a spot can be even more of a challenge. You should base you decision on what you…

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Travel: Understanding Rental Car Rules in France

france November 6, 2012 0 Comments

You might think you know the highway code from back to front, but driving abroad requires you to study up on a completely different set of rules and regulations. Take the example of France, a country that’s made countless changes to its guidelines for motorists. The most significant have been introduced at the turn of 2012 as local authorities look to clampdown…

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Wine Tours Of Europe: The 7 Best Places To Visit for the Aspiring Sommelier

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Rich traditions and history are created over glasses of wine. Memories have been made and milestones marked with a glass in hand for centuries. And there are many reasons we’ve loved wine for so long: It complements the taste of food, engages the senses, allows the drinker to easily experience the different tastes of regions around the world and has…

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Travel Guest Post: Top 3 Luxury Hotels in the South of France

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France is known in the world as being famous for its well-known tourism spots. Lots of visitors visit every year and enjoy the sights and culture Parisian life has to offer. No holiday in the southern region of France would be finished without detecting the suitable luxury hotel that will have your senses know what it feels like to be…

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Travel Guest Post: Top 5 Holiday Destinations in France

adventure france guest post holiday luxury travel travel planning travel tips April 25, 2012 1 Comments

  France offers extensive options as a holiday destination. From the glamour and the diversity of Paris to coastal and inland scenery, France has something for every traveller, and features some of the best boutique accommodation and culinary options in mainland Europe, if not the world. While it is difficult to get away from Paris as a primary destination, travellers…

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Travel Guest Post: Top 7 French Riviera Holiday Locations

beach elite france guest post March 16, 2012 0 Comments

As a tourist, you can visit the French Riviera for two distinct experiences. You can experience the glamorous lifestyle of celebrities in bustling towns like Monaco, Cannes and Nice. On the flip side, quieter towns like Antibes and Vence allow you to enjoy the scenic beauty and romantic side of the Riviera. Here are some of the best holiday destinations…

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Travel: Le Village Arc 1950

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Le Village Arc 1950 features eight luxury ski-to-door residences in France in the Paradiski area make the perfect ski weekend getaway with all the comforts of being in your own space. The traditional stone and timber Alpine design of the buildings are set with a white snow backdrop and majestic mountains in the quaint valley, with a car-free  environment and…

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Travel Guest Post: Paris Attractions

adventure france guest post holiday travel travel planning travel tips December 10, 2011 2 Comments

If you happen to be a first-time visitor to Paris, be sure to get puzzled as to what you should see and where you should go! There are literally hundreds of places and spaces that you should see and take photographs. And everything is worth seeing and exploring in detail. Maybe a lifetime will not be sufficient to see and…

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Travel Guest Post: The Best Foods to Eat in Europe without Breaking the Bank

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The best parts about traveling the world are seeing new sights, experiencing new cultures and of course, trying new foods! In the U.S. we are blessed to have a melting pot of cultures andcuisines at our finger tips, but we don’t really have anything authentic, a dish that is really ours (no, the FRENCH fry does not count). Europe on the…

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Travel Guest Post: Top Gourmet Cities to Visit in France

food france guest post October 18, 2011 0 Comments

From baguettes and croissants to cheese and champagne – France is famous worldwide for its food and drink. While Lyon is the food capital of France, Paris is home to some excellent restaurants in the country. This article gives other top gourmet cities of France for food lovers to visit. French cuisine is also hugely popular the world over. Food…

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Travel Guest Post: A Perfect Holiday-The Channel Islands

adventure france guest post travel travel planning travel tips October 2, 2011 1 Comments

Situated in the English Channel, lying close to the north coast of France are a group of islands each with its own, unique history, culture and micro climate. Bathed by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, the Channel Islands boast a mild climate and a natural beauty that have made them a perfect holiday destination. The Channel Islands archipelago…

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Travel Guest Post: Luxury Skiing in France

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There are many luxury ski resorts in France and the best of these attract skiers from around the world, lured into the resorts by the powder and après ski. France has some of the best Alpine skiing in Europe and the French food certainly makes a holiday in the country worthwhile. Whether you are a seasoned skier or a beginner…

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Book Review: Taking Root in Provence

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If you are looking for an armchair getaway filled with charm, subdued sophistication and grace, pick up a copy of “Taking Root in Provence” by Anne-Marie Simons. A writer and traveler, Anne-Marie has that certain way of casually transporting you to a different place  through the eyes of a local. As a former American, the Simons’ decided on retiring in…

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Paris, France

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I love the romance of Paris…the beautiful architecture, strong lines and picture-perfect monuments. Even ordinary signs have appeal to me in French. I have an obsession with Laduree. This classy, elegant pastry shop on the Champs Elysses has been around since 1862. The celadon green box with silver writing is the Tiffany and Co of sweets. The inventor of the…

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