Travel: Museums in the Sorrentine Peninsula

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The popular and religious traditions are part of the social fabric and are kept in museums in the Sorrentine Peninsula to enhance the historical roots of this magnificent peninsula. You will also go to the discovery of the local culture by visiting museums in which they the testimonies of the ancient arts of Sorrento are collected: Correale Museum The museum…

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Travel: Guide to Florence

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Florence has been a very famous and desired destination for Europeans and travelers from across the world throughout the centuries. A seat of power, wealth and art, the very birthplace of the Renaissance movement it has transferred its glorious past well into today’s world of tourism. This was the home of the Medici, the famous patrons of the arts who…

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Travel Guest Post: Ultimate Italy

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  If you want a smooth, hassle-free trip to the land of love, beauty, and fashion, then trust tour guides Italy to make it happen for you. The Sorrento-based tour guides offer excursions by group or by individual, depending on which package you would prefer. They are also well-trained and knowledgeable; through years of experience, they already know how to deal with…

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Travel Guest Post: Food & Wine Tourism in Sorrento

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 If you are passionate about food and wine tourism, in Sorrento you will discover the treasures of the local gastronomic tradition. The green citrus trees, flowering terraces and the characteristics of the blue sea, will take you on a journey of flavours and fragrances. Do not miss the taste of our local products, our DOP extra virgin olive oil made from a…

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Travel Guest Post: LuxeFoods in Tuscany

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Known and appreciated throughout the world, Tuscan food is simple and natural, made of few ingredients that, skilfully combined together, give life to unique and delicious dishes. To have the key role is the Tuscan bread, salt-free and strictly prepared with different flavours and shapes. Together with other tasty ingredients, it becomes the basis for many recipes. Among the starters…

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Travel Guest Post: Easter in Sorrento, Italy

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In the Campania region, truly exceptional processions are held during Easter. This is a once in a lifetime experience from both a religious and cultural standpoint. Sorrento offers the most beautiful processions that more than often can touch the heart and soul of every visitor. If you are looking for a different place to spend Easter, Sorrento is definitely the…

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Travel Guest Post: 4 Reasons to Holiday in Sorrento

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How not to fall in love in front of the magnificent panorama of the Sorrento Peninsula? There are many reasons to fall in love with Sorrento. The first reason is the food. Although seemingly simple, the dishes of Sorrento are the result of imagination and estrus of local people who have taken the ingredients of the place and have reworked…

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Travel Guest Post: Sardinia in May

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Sardinia is the largest island of the Mediterraneo is a fantastic place to spend a luxury holiday   before the always crowded  summer season. If you like to avoid touristic mass affluence you can travel in May and June, the best time to visit Sardinia. Airlines offer low–cost flights from many European capitals in the shortest possible time. Getting to the…

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