Travel: North Carolina- 20 Hours in 20 Photos

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At the end of May I was lucky enough to be invited to North Carolina to be introduced to the brand new 2014 Lexus IS. Like the brand, everything we encountered was perfectly understated luxury, stylish and comfortable. Upon arriving in Raleigh, we were escorted to the  gorgeous resort by private drivers in the Lexus GS. A comfortable and smooth…

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Guest Motivational Post: The Unstoppable Life of Larry Jacobson

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Larry Jacobson knows what it’s like to have a dream that seems nearly impossible to realize.  He also knows how to make that dream come true. “I remember being a curious kid looking out at the docks in Long Beach from behind the locked gates that led to the pier,” he said. “I saw this montage of beautiful sails and…

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Travel: Fun in the Sun

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I got an email from Lawrence W. over at Fly Thomas Cook in the U.K, who sent me this nifty chart on Sunshine & Happiness.  Check out the relationship between sunshine, life expectancy and satisfaction across the world. Some quick facts: *– Sunshine doesn’t guarantee high quality of life but does bring health, riches and a full night sleep. *…

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Vermont Hightlights

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Clean air. Beautiful views. Miles of untouched lush landscape. Welcome to the small state of Vermont. The second least populated state with less than 700,000 people, Vermont is the only New England state with no coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.  Rich in Colonial history with a moderate summer climate, Vermont is the perfect place to spend a relaxing weekend. The view from the house.…

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Travel and the 100 Thing Challenge

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I have always thought of myself as a bit of a minimalist. I have always hated cluttered, useless stuff and “knick knacks”. I will always be more comfortable in a hotel room than an 18-room mansion. Imagine my surprise after opening the TBEX newsletter to read an article about the “100 Thing Challenge”.  Meant for people who are wishing to fill their lives…

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Spotlight: Carmen Garcia

california food health life February 10, 2010 0 Comments

A good friend of mine, (who also happens to have a perfect body and is a renowned fitness celebrity), recently started a site dedicated to healthy recipes that are full of flavor, taste and zest. Check out the brand new: Carmen, or the self-proclaimed Turista Chef, is an inspiration for healthy living, and when she is not modeling in…

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The Quiet Side of Sin City

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Not even through January and I am already exhausted. =( My second trip to Las Vegas this month was for the International Builders Show. My company I was representing, Halo, was great and everyone showed me exactly what “Southern Charm” was, and now I know everything I will ever need to know about LED lighting. Three of the staff also…

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Travel Outside of the Box

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I know when people see the word “jetsetera” they immediately think luxury, bottle service, all-out glamour, room service, five-star hotels, champagne wishes and caviar dreams. I fully admit that I do appreciate the finer things in life, but the need for constant variety always takes over and often trips are off the beaten path. Sometimes waaay off the path. The…

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Happy Mail

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Hi Kimberly, Your story is officially the 2nd place winner for our 2009 Travel Writing Contest. ( Here is the link. I’ll be sending out a more formal notice regarding all the winning articles by next week as well as featuring them in the next newsletter. Congratulations! Alexa Meisler Editor

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