Lifestyle Guest Post: A Wickedly Successful New Year

guest post lifestyle motivational December 31, 2011 0 Comments

A Wickedly Successful New Year: Nine Strategies to Help You Stop Enduring and Start Creating a Life That REALLY Works Looking for something with more impact (and sticking power) than the usual doomed-to-fail resolutions? Vickie Milazzo wants you to make 2012 the year you finally buck up and start living the life YOU want to live—recession be damned!             As…

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Motivational Post: Recharge Your Emotional Energy

books motivational September 14, 2011 0 Comments

Vicki Milazzo is a woman that has done it all. From nurse to successful entrepreneur to author, Vicki knows what it is like to balance a full schedule. “Today’s woman has taken on an extreme life crammed to overflowing with commitments and responsibility,” observes Milazzo. She also knows that to be successful and lead a life, you need to take…

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Guest Motivational Post: The Unstoppable Life of Larry Jacobson

adventure books california guest post life motivational outdoors travel travel planning travel writing August 11, 2011 0 Comments

Larry Jacobson knows what it’s like to have a dream that seems nearly impossible to realize.  He also knows how to make that dream come true. “I remember being a curious kid looking out at the docks in Long Beach from behind the locked gates that led to the pier,” he said. “I saw this montage of beautiful sails and…

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